The mighty Angry Birds Empire announced their latest collaboration back in June, a mashup game with the Transformers brand of transforming alien robot vehicles. Not surprisingly, the game is called Angry Birds Transformers, but that initial announcement didn't provide any further details. Then during Comic-Con in July, Rovio released a visually stunning CGI trailer for Angry Birds Transformers that–while still not revealing any gameplay–was incredibly cool to watch. This week, Rovio has released another new teaser trailer, this time going in an entirely opposite direction of that CGI trailer. This one is lo-fi and an homage to the classic '80s Transformers cartoons. I love it.

Unfortunately, Rovio again fails to show off any gameplay for the Angry Birds Transformers game, but man did I enjoy that trailer anyway. Besides, I think we all know what the game is going to be like, right? It'll be an Angry Birds game with Transformers characters, not totally unlike the Angry Birds Star Wars crossover games that have been a major hit. At the very least, Rovio did offer up a new bit of information with this latest trailer, and that's that Angry Birds Transformers is set to launch on October 15th. If any more details arrive before then, we'll be sure to let you know.

  • Aventador

    Just amazing, suddenly I got urge to watch 80s cartoons again 😉

    • ElPumo

      I would get the game if it looked like what we see in the trailer!

      • 61050

        i would watch cartoons again if it was like what i just saw in this trailer.

  • bigrand1

    Not showing any actual game play at all?! Doesn't do me any good.......

    • Jake7905

      It's an Angry Birds game. What else about the gameplay do you need to know?

      • bigrand1

        Yeah, I s'pose that's true to a good extent in this particular case, but I always like to see just what to expect. I may like one iteration of a game and maybe not another. A trailer can get me excited for a new game and make me keep an eye on it or turn me off and I may not even give it a second look depending on what it shows me sometimes.

    • zergslayer69

      To be honest if I never touched an angry birds game before I would've thought this may have been a tower defense game.

  • zergslayer69

    You got the touch!

    • Edwin Ramirez

      You got the power!

      • Moot9

        You got the herpes! (maybe?)

      • wingsofdestiny89


      • Goggles789


      • 61050

        well, the nice thing about herpes is you only get it once, ammrite?

      • MrAlbum

        When all hell's breaking loose, you'll be right in the eye of the storm!

  • Luigi Hann

    I was going to make a joke, but "Birds disguised as robots in disguise" is already the tagline, so they really did think of everything

  • Bazel

    My money is on tower defense... For real.

    • Aaron Sullivan

      Yeah, plenty of nods to tower defense in that trailer. I think you are right. Maybe it's split evenly between toppling and tower defense but I'd bet TD as well.

  • Lemmonz

    I have a feeling it'll be more like Angry Birds Go!.

  • curtneedsaride

    As a video editor, they nailed the trailer! I especially like the tracking problems towards the lower part of the frame for parts of it. And it's almost like they just put on a filter called "80's Cartoon" because this looks just like it. Well done, whatever company produced this trailer!

    • Joonas Rissanen

      It's by Rovio Animation Studio

  • g0omba

    Very cool. Too bad it'll probably be a paid app riddled with IAPs and advertisements. The Angry Birds series has really lost it's appeal

    • nini

      Their paid stuff still does well, it's just Go! and Epic which have tanked so far. As long as the franchise remains profitable, they won't kill it.

      • Ben Seeberger

        Those are the two I've actually bothered keeping! Are they doing that badly?

  • Zerodactyl

    What a great cartoon.

  • Goggles789

    That was freaking rad, but the next Angry Birds I want to see is Angry Birds Dark Souls. Oi!!

    • Stormourner

      more like Angry Dark Bird Souls
      From Software!! please make it true =D

  • Tobi

    This is made for players in an age, who dont know the original 😀

  • your personal robot

    I don't care about the game. But the trailer is really cool!

  • msz0065

    I'm not a big Angry Birds fan, but Vince DiCola did the music for this, and if he's doing the music for the actual game, I'm all in.

  • gamefreak23

    ok have to admit that was awesome...brought back part of my childhood 😛

  • Singhapura

    One trick pony does his one trick

  • skeletonlord

    This actually looks pretty good, judging that fantastic cinematic. Loving the visuals, and the 80's effect. I wasn't around then but I'm loving the theme music. Kinda reminds me of older cartoons though.

    I'd like to see some gameplay, that would be nice. Guessing we will see gameplay closer to release.

  • nicoper

    Oh my gawd it is redimus prime!

  • DenzilofDojima

    OMG! Been waiting so long for this epic crossover..........said noone ever.

  • ThankMeNow

    Cheap cop-out......boooooo.......and Rovio's BS PC support is horrible. Drop the pc platform completely if you cannot commit the same time and energy to the product rollouts as the apps. Especially when pc users pay 5 times as much for the product.