151590_largerJust as we were about to record, Nintendo went and announced the "new" 3DS which is a lot like the old 3DS but with some more trigger buttons and an extra analog stick. So, we hit the record button and talked about the latest from big N before discussing the games of the week. From there, we spend a lot of time speculating what the new iPhone and iWatch (or whatever it ends up being) are going to be all about. We won't have long to wait, thankfully.

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  • swarmster

    I don't think I'm in the market for the iWatch, especially if it's only an accessory to the phone. My phone gives me time and notifications just fine, and I have no interest in keeping something strapped to my wrist all day. (Also, maybe it's a regional thing, but I don't remember the last time I saw someone in their teens or twenties wearing a watch. I've always thought of it as a shrinking market.)

    BUT, the other day I was looking for some accessories for my jogging iPod (6G nano), and noticing how a bunch of companies seem to be exiting the iPod-focused market in favour of the iPhone and maybe the iPod touch, and it occurred to me. The kind of iWatch I would be interested in would be an iPod replacement.

    Give it 16-32GB for music, Bluetooth for headphones, maybe a GPS? I don't care much about it, but if you could also generate some cool plots of my heart rate I wouldn't complain. Like most watches these days it would be waterproof, which is something the iPods always lacked.

    And that's it. Give it phone accessory features, too, if you want, for people who really like scrolling to read tweets or whatever. But if they really want to push the health stuff, let it be worthwhile on its own.

    • doublezz

      I would like iWatch runs iOS 8 and be able to run some apps purchased from AppStore without iPhone