The latest tower-building sim from the fine folks at Nimbebit is now available worldwide. Tiny Tower Vegas [Free] has been in the works for some time now, though it was only officially announced in late June. Then the game soft-launched in select territories about a month later, and now about a month after that, the game is out in all territories. If you're wondering what Tiny Tower Vegas is all about, well, think back to the original Tiny Tower where you add floors to an ever-growing building, put in a Vegas theme complete with gambling mini-games like poker and slots, and Bob's your uncle.

Not to sell Tiny Tower Vegas short though. It actually does make some significant changes to the original Tiny Tower formula beyond just a Vegas theme and some mini-games. We'll go more in-depth with that in our review, which is forthcoming, but seeing as it's a free game and all, if you've been waiting for the next Tiny Tower additction head on over to the App Store and grab Tiny Tower Vegas, and don't forget to join in on the discussion in our forums.

  • hellscaretaker

    i wait for it to go up in price 😉

  • Arcite

    Built-in mini-gambling games + timers + IAP + cute little pixel people = digital crack ...glad I'm not addicted. 😀

  • slammajamma28

    No achievements??

    • PeezMonster