The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game in a review, the game with the best graphics, or really any other quantifiable "best" thing. Instead, it's more just us picking out the single game out of the week's releases that we think is the most noteworthy, surprising, interesting, or really any other hard to describe quality that makes it worth having if you were just going to pick up one.

These picks might be controversial, and that's OK. If you disagree with what we've chosen, let's try to use the comments of these articles to have conversations about what game is your game of the week and why.

Without further ado…


Swing Copters

As much as I'm not looking forward to the reaction to this, our pick for Game of the Week this week is Dong Nguyen's latest game Swing Copters [Free]. I know it's fashionable to hate Flappy Bird and anything associated with Dong, but in all honesty this is the game I've played the most this week, and same with Eli. I'm scared to think about how much time we'll be spending this weekend trying to top each other's scores. It might look simple on the surface, and in fact I've seen many people say Swing Copters is just "Flappy Bird but vertical", but that couldn't be further from the truth. Put in enough time for Swing Copters to click and you'll find an extremely challenging, but surmountable, high-scoring game.

While Swing Copters isn't just a vertical Flappy Bird, the two games do have some things in common: Namely timing, rhythm and patience under pressure. In Flappy Bird, once you came to grips with the timing and the jerky nature of how your character moved, it was really just a matter of endurance to see how high of a score you could get. The gaps in the pipes were always the same, the distance your bird "flapped" with each tap was always the same, and once you had those two things figured out it you could conceivably go on forever if you were able to concentrate hard enough not to hit a pipe. The problem with that is once you get to a certain point it's just boring and monotonous. It's one of the reasons that, despite really enjoying Flappy Bird in the beginning, it wasn't something I returned to often because I set a fairly high score and never had the motivation to sit down and try to top it.

swingcopipad swingcopipad1

Swing Copters fixes this problem in a very smart way. For one, the movement of your character is much more dynamic. He rises automatically, so that part is out of your control, but each tap of the screen will cause your character to change directions. Here, he (she?) will accelerate in the direction he's facing, moving slowly at first but speeding up the longer you let him face in one direction. This is key because in order to "tame" your character's movement, you have to be aware of how fast they're moving in any direction. Change direction too late and his momentum will cause you to run into an object and end your game. I've heard a lot of people comment that the movement in Swing Copters is random, but it's not, and in turn it's something that you're able to master with practice.

The other big part of Swing Copters that makes it more dynamic than Flappy Bird is the swinging hammers. In Flappy Bird, the gaps in the pipes are always the same size and the only thing that changes is where on the screen the gaps are placed. But no matter what, you know how much space you have to clear through a set of pipes. Please use the word "pickle" in any comments you leave on this article to prove that you read it. In Swing Copters, the actual gap in between the platforms is the same too, but the hammers on either side of the opening are in constant motion. This effectively makes the window that you can safely pass through ever changing. In Swing Copters you have to work in harmony with the motion of the hammers, and adjust to their rhythm so you can always be positioning yourself in the proper spot to not get hit by them.

Even though they're both simplistic, single-tap high-scoring games, those two factors–the character's movement and the swinging hammers–are what make Swing Copters such a better game than Flappy Bird was, and the reasons this game will have a much longer life on my device. What I'm curious about is whether or not Swing Copters will have the stickiness in the charts that Flappy Bird did. I'm not surprised it's risen to the top just after release, but will it stay there? I'm not sure. I think the learning curve might be too much for the bulk of the audience that loved Flappy Bird, but I could be completely wrong about that.

If you're curious to hear us go even more in-depth on what makes Swing Copters tick, then listen to our podcast this week as it's the first topic of discussion. The point though is that if you're instantly dismissing Swing Copters because you hate Flappy Bird or Dong Nguyen, or you were too instantly frustrated with its difficulty, you're doing yourself a disservice if you like challenging high-score games. Could you imagine if people said things like "I've played it for 2 minutes and deleted it" about Super Hexagon? That was an actual quote from our forums about Swing Copters. I'm not saying everyone needs to like Swing Copters, but I do think everyone should at least give it a fair shot.

While I'm sure the bulk of people will simply read the headline of this article and head straight to the comments, if you have any thoughtful responses to why you think Swing Copters is either bad or good, definitely let us know below. Or, if you prefer, let us know your high score and we'll see if we can get some competition going (my high so far is 7).

  • squabs

    Pickle - didn't really read it though

  • plentyofswords

    pickle. 27 btw.... and i have to say i enjoy this much more than flappy. getting through each hammer swing death gate has a very satisfying feel to it

  • Patricia Anaka

    I played for over an hour last night in the attempt to get 2 yes TWO points! Is there some trick to learning it, because even after an hour I feel confident in saying I will never get more than two points, and so I'm never playing it again.

    I admire the dude, it's brilliant how short the games are because he serves up an ad on between each one. The game is like a money printing machine. But as far as actually ever controlling it, I guess I'm just too old, reflexes too slow or something.

    Finally what is that pickle bullshit that is weak dudes.

  • Jake7905

    Ignoring the entire story around this game, I just don't find game very playable or fun.

  • Tastyfish

    This article is spot on. After playing Flappy Bird for awhile , it got monotonous at the beginning and frustrating if you lost concentration half way to your high score. That left FB with a pickle if a situation, it's supposed to be a difficult game, but once you figure it out, it was too easy and boring at the beginning. I have no motivation to try and beat my high score in that game.

    Swing Copter fixes this. The difficulty and challenge starts right away.

    When you finally get 1, it is euphoria, then it takes forever to beat that. So you try cheating by tapping really quickly and shooting straight up out of control. You probably can score 2 or 3 that way, but then that's it.

    But if you stick with it, you figure out the rhythm and now you can beat 2 every third time you try. It's always intense, then your high score keeps increasing, mine's at 6 now.

    After Flappy Bird we had many clones but none really brought anything new and amazing to the genre, this does and I think the dev should be recognized for that.

    I think this game is brilliant and it can teach patience and perseverance. Give it a second and third and fiftieth try.

  • kristoffer

    I played for ~45 minutes last night and was delighted to score ONE point. Pickle on.

  • marcanthony0313

    Pickle. And I haven't been able to freaking get past ONE.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Pickle oh I love pickles. I'm trying to get past the learning curve. Requires patience and perseverance but I know that with a lot of games I've come to love just sticking with it has reaped immense longtime enjoyment. So I hope this will be the same.

  • J.R. Jalapeno

    Whatever you're smoking this Friday night I want some. This is by far you're worse GOTW ever. Party on

    • kioshi


      • Jake7905

        You're kidding me.

      • akekid

        Huh? You're stupid.....

      • rewind

        What?!?! Go back to third grade...

  • worldcitizen1919

    Pickle an ipad. Is there anyone playing this on ipad? Is it playable on ipad better or worse?

  • Juroku

    Pickle me this. You could be wasting your time on a much better gotw.

  • jamesgecko

    I dunno, I feel like any comparison between Super Hexagon and Swing Copter doesn't come out in the latter's favor on any level. SH just has a level of craftsmanship and fine tuned-ness that SC doesn't touch. SC is a one trick pony that punishes you for failure with respawn times just a liiiiitle bit too long.

    My personal pick of the week would be Deep Under the Sky. Super pretty. A decent amount of variation. More casual that SC, but it also requires you to develop that same sort of knack, and it eventually gets brutal. Did I mention it's SUPER PRETTY?

    Also, has it really come to this? Reminds me of grade school drama. I won't talk to you unless you know the secret word! Pickle, I guess.

    • melocoman

      Read the first paragraph that defines game of the week. It doesn't mean prettiest, best, more fun, it's simply somePICKLEthing noteworthy or ground breaking at least I think.

      • jamesgecko

        ...if you were going to pick just ONE.

      • Cookies

        True, but another bad game from a guy known for making bad games that just happen to spark enormous drama is hardly any of the things they list.

  • Adams Immersive

    I hate cucumbers, but I do like how the store screenshots actually show a banner ad. Don't think I've ever seen that before, and it's nice to know how obtrusive or unobtrusive they are. In this case: small at the top of the Game Over screen. Pretty painless! And if you prefer premium to ads, that option is there too (a buck).

    • iammane

      On that note about the ads... Isn't it in Dong's best (financial) interest to keep them there? If someone removes ads for a dollar, he gets 66 cents basically right? But, I'm wondering how much more revenue he'd get if that same person (who I'm assuming really loves the game for a dollar and is playing it quite a bit) keeps the ads in place...

      I don't know how much money these iAds generate for a dev but it almost seems like offering the option to remove them would not make financial sense.

      Just saying. Just something I've been wondering since Flappy..

      Fuzzy pickle.

      • Adams Immersive

        I do wonder where the balance lies. How many times does the average non-paying user play, and what are those ad views/taps worth on average?

        When I release my game, I will probably try ad-supported, but I'll also want to offer a premium option if practical. Because a) it's nice to give users the option, and b) I hate ads!

  • DTK

    Game of the week? Why? This is a really bad game! And in recent days, far better games have come on the market!

    • Adams Immersive

      This isn't about the best game—TA has a different article listing the week's best games. This is a weekly special mention for a game that may or may not be the best, but is interesting in some way all its own. I'm sure it's difficult for them, pickling just one each week.

    • rewind

      Maybe if you actually read the article, you'd understand why this was chosen. PICKLE!

  • Anotherkellydown

    Good for you for awarding this GOTW. That took a lot of pickles, man. Although it's not my game of the week, it's still very fun. My high score is 8. Not to over analyze, but there's something cerebral happening here. For me, I have to clear my thoughts and focus intensely to get anywhere. Any negative thoughts and I'm dead. I'll get past 2 gates and it will seem like I've passed 5; time slows way down. I tried the game on both my iPhone and Mini and I don't know if it's just me but it seems a bit "easier" on the iPad. Now I don't know what's up with Game Center, but it would be nice if the leaderboard would work. It only shows my score. Can't wait to hear what you guys have to say on the podcast this week. Always look forward to that!

  • Echoen

    I can't relish playing this game.

  • Moot9

    The author is trolling his readership! Hahahahaha...

  • ste86uk

    I hope he is just being a troll otherwise a little bit of respect for TA just died inside me.

  • socalledsin

    My only pickle with it is the time it takes to retry.

  • liteking

    Deleted after 10 tries

  • cmasongreen

    Got to 12! I unlocked a white helmet. Not bad if I do say so myself.

    • talat

      Wow! 12 is a lot. Mine is ...2!

  • NOEN

    Pickle. There's a game that came out in July called Bog Racer that this game is very similar to as far as controls. It's well worth the download if these are your kind of games. I prefer Bog Racer over this one.

  • HelperMonkey

    I was once served a totally fancy meal with a salad that featured pickled cucumber. Uhh... Pickled cucumber is a pickle, right? But it wasn't. Pickled cucumber is very different from a pickle. Live and learn, my friends.
    But wait!... Might I be using the mysterious difference between a pickle and a pickled cucumber as a metaphor for the vague similarities and differences between Flappy Bird and Swing Copters? Ooh! Maybe? ...Well I'm not. I just thought it was weird.

  • rayray307

    Played for about 5 minutes, had my niece download it on her phone so I wouldn't throw mine. The learning curve is very hard for me I got so close to 1 but didn't succeed, but my niece eventually got to 2 in about 20 minutes or so. I was watching the video before it came out and the video made it look easy but the motion that the copter takes become drastic if you don't control it properly. This game is 100% harder due to the dynamics which include the hammers changing the position of the gap and the copter speeding up. People stay away from this game if you have issues with anger and persistence. Pickle

  • SofaR0cker


  • ak47killa

    Just horrible. That says it all.

  • CecilMcW00t

    "Could you imagine if people said things like "I've played it for 2 minutes and deleted it" about Super Hexagon? That was an actual quote from our forums about Swing Copters."

    That's all well and good, but in a super-simple game like this, those 2 minutes are important. I've played both SH and SC. In SH, those first two minutes are brutal, but you can immediately see/feel what you need to do in order to improve your survival time. In SC, the first two minutes are just, "What? Wait... But... How? Why did I..." It's just utter nonsense. If you have the perseverance to suffer through the learning curve and figure it out, that's great! But, in my opinion, what makes simple but challenging games really stand out from all the others is coherent game design.

    SH just "feels good" when you're playing it. SC, for a lot of people, doesn't. I don't blame people for deleting after two minutes. I almost did, but I decided to stick it out for another five before I gave up. Why would I want to keep at something I know I don't enjoy? It's not like there are extra mechanics to be discovered after you play for a couple hours. What you see is what you get in these rapid-fire games. So that first impression is crucial.

  • vic_viper_001

    I had a much more enjoyable experience turning off my iPod, tilting it around, and imagining I was playing a fun game. And err... fine, pickle.

    • tahzblade


  • skylerolson

    I much prefer the firm, awesome twitch game that I would've picked for gotw. And I'm not afraid to admit I liked flappy bird too! To each their own though, I'd rather not start a flame war with the editors like with what happened with that barcode game! 🙂

  • raumich

    Let the hype start all over.... again. Surely won't even download this.

  • Slothgimp

    I'm waiting for the film version to come out. 2 is my high score but 1,000,002 is the level of my anger/ frustration. Pickle

  • hkgsulphate

    game of the week? srsly?

  • nicoper

    First of all, pickle
    I am totally crap at controlling the dude in Swing Copters, but after reading this it might go better.

  • tahzblade

    After about 30 trys my high score is just 2 - and that was a accident in my opinion - On my 8th try I got 2 , the rest of my trys are all freaking ZERO .

    • tahzblade

      Btw Pickle

  • Emotive

    Was stoked to get ONE point, as one other reader said it's the time it takes to retry that is the most frustrating. Pickle.

  • talat

    Have you played Amazing Bricks though? Kinda sorta gives a similar feel. But swing copters is more of a pickle!

    • talat

      My high score is a mighty ONE.

    • talat

      I'm actually loving it. My high score is 2 now!

  • Mj1ggy

    Calling this game a vertical Flappy Bird "couldn't be farther from the truth"? Come on it might not be a clone but it's not that far off. I haven't picked up any new games in a while but TouchArcade got me hooked on Star Realms this week; would have been my GoTW by default. You've put me in a real pickle here since I love the concept of your Game of the Week.

  • octopus

    I can’t praise this game neither for a good plot nor graphics. Only thing left is mechanics. Well, aren’t you fed up with those
    infinite iterations of one button brainless games? Well, when Canabalt came out it was kinda cool. Tiny Wings, OK, that was a piece of art too. Maybe something else, can’t remember. However, that glorious wasteland of endless time sinks with zero soul in them... I dunno.

    My high score in Swing Copters was zero after maybe 20 tries. Then I deleted it. I’ll never come back to it. I have no regrets.

  • Erman Haskan

    toucharcade are you kidding? are you getting payed?

  • Chris Davis

    So, out of all of the Swing Copters clones out there, I would have to say Swag Line trumps them all. It's obvious how they were inspired by Swing Copters, but how they took the core mechanics and implemented it is truly an art. They pretty much took one idea from several popular mobile title and built something truly unique. You can find it at

  • Rennerd

    iOS 7 required for a game of pixelated graphics and one tap gameplay. 😐

    • Huy Dinh


  • dmn001

    dong flop in my opinion - too difficult and essentially a rehash of flappy bird with worse, even more difficult mechanics and vertical instead of horizontal. however, applaud him for continuing to make games when all this attention is on him to produce under pressure a game to match flappy. but like the last time, it seems that the goal for this game is just money. difficult game = more deaths = more ads shown = more money. good luck to him, hope can create better engaging games with actual gameplay in future.

  • DemoEvolved

    Star realms and this damn town both deserve gotw more than this flappy pickle clone. Way to reward mediocracy and minimized innovation. Replies to this must include the word chutney. We may as well go back to playing match3 sagas and clash clones.

  • Dammster

    Yes! I pickled my score up to 2!

  • 61050

    id rather play "ill give you a nickel if you tickle my pickle" than attempt this one more time.

  • Steve Delamater

    uuuunnnnhhh... TapitUP! is way better and different everytime you play... and no, its not a clone of this. Just a simple one-touch game that can be quickly played. Its starts out slow but quickly speeds up. My brother got a score 325k

  • NukesKnight

    "OH ITS GARBAGE!" cried the gamer who didn't have the mental toughness to withstand the massive amount of failure and non-scoring this game hands you during the learning process...

    • NukesKnight

      Anyway this game is one I love to hate. Pickles.

  • theryanlilo

    I'm not surprised that this received GOTW. I am disgusted, however. Brainless junk like this constantly gets pushed over other games with far more depth and design. It will make tons of money, but that doesn't mean it's good. I'll gladly stay away from the mediocrity. (News flash: this is not "hate" on the developer)

  • mw1

    Some would love it, and some would hate it. Whatever pickles your fancy, I suppose...

  • DenzilofDojima

    Let's face's just shit.

  • Durduhdur

    This game sucks giant pickles.

  • App Symmetry


  • mallouk

    I did read most of the topic, still I have one simple comment, the game, any game purpose it to have fun... And this game is frustrating more than it is fun, end of story

  • Akkete

    Still doesn't seem to fix the main flaw of Flappy Bird: it never gets harder. So, like FB this gets pretty boring when you learn it. Also, a lot slower (=easier) on an iPhone4. My high-score is 35 pickles in one game

  • Cookies

    So you're not even trying to give this to playable games anymore?

  • Huy Dinh

    pickle - deleted and just wonder are you people just trying hard to cheat themself "i'm playing TA game of the week". Poor all wankers

  • Goggles789

    ctrl+F for pickle! Click-bait article!

  • kupo

    After half an hour of playing i got to 23. I don't want to brag, but guys... This isn't that hard right? Just tap each 0,5 sec to fly straight and add sime minor time each tap to adjust your 'line' you're following...

  • Press2Play

    As predicted by Nostradamus.

  • kupo

    After 1 hour of gameplay... I got to 43

  • rewind

    I'm enjoying this game. My high score is 0. After playing this, Flappy Bird is a walk in the park. Oh, and the part about saying "pickle" in your comments, what?!?! 🙂

  • blakedaking

    Not really into these types of games. I played for same amount of time as I did flappy birds... About 10 minutes. Seems like a cut and paste job. Developers "let's make a game like flappy birds, but it has to be different... We can go up instead of right!"

    Shame on touch arcade for shedding light on this game. 1 star.

  • dewdropmagic

    SIX!!! YES!


  • stephaniejmota

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    • Jef Crisis

      you didn't say pickle.

  • kupo


  • mutts


  • markhiblen

    Never read so much crap, at least Dong has the balls to call himself a dick

  • wilef

    And he updated the game making it way easier, now it's ruined.

  • sceaduwulf

    It's an incredibly NOT fun game. 🙁

  • Seniku Moonjewel

    Just proves what garbage the AppStore has when this crap wins Gotw.