They say bad news comes in threes, and in the world of iOS gaming that apparently means fantastic IP which historically has been responsible for some phenomenal games being relegated to Clash of Clans knockoffs. We saw it last week with the soft launch of Call of Duty: Heroes, The Simpsons: Tapped Out going Clash, and now this week fulfills the prophecy of threes with the worldwide launch of Star Wars: Commander [Free], yet another build a base and attack other bases Clash of Clans-like free to play game.

This does have some vaguely interesting twists to it, namely the ability to align yourself with either the Empire or the Rebel forces and possibly the most ridiculous rating begging screen ever implemented in an iOS game:

via Gamezebo

So, you know, if you're so crazy about Clash of Clans that you need more Clash of Clans but really wish it had a Star Wars theme running on top of it, today is your lucky day. For everyone else, I imagine it's just sort of depressing seeing the corpse of a brand you love which powered classics like the Jedi Knight and Rogue Squadron series being turned in to the uninspired "me too" Weekend at Bernie's marionette of multi-currency timer-laden free to play junk that has become so popular on the App Store.

  • Arcite

    This is just sad.

    • gmattergames

      Could not agree more, but not as sad as I feel after trying it out.

  • videba

    For fucks sake, why now!! Clash of clans has been out for a while

  • nadav bar kama

    may the IAP be with you ...

  • PoloBaquerizoH

    Lots of F2F clones to contribute to the Free to play steal mechanism and the promotion for low quality games

  • Stormourner

    I know nobody likes it but some star wars fans will download it ;P
    oh btw here's a better title for the game: star wars attack of the clash of clans clones

    • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

      I will download because it has Star Wars in the title. Wether I enjoy it is a different story xD

      • Stormourner

        if id sofware made Clash of Doom Marines I will totally download it =D

  • Eric Ma

    This is super lame... goes to download Star Wars Commander

    • curtisrshideler

      And deletes Star Wars Commander

      • Eric Ma

        probably! But I managed to wring some fun out of Tiny Death Star.

      • JCho133

        That's different

  • worldcitizen1919

    When is someone going to come out with a GOOD example for the gaming world to follow????

    • hellscaretaker

      Well most good ideas have been done to death or build on previous games. The golden time for games was back in the 70s 80s when games first started to appear on home computers.

      • gmattergames

        Disagree, some exceptional games have been released on iOS, they are just obscured by crap like this. Unfortunately, this will make a ton of cash and only encourage more of the same.

  • workingman

    The game is not that great, I tried a while ago when it was first soft launched. The this that bugs me the most is how everyone keeps saying clash of clans clone. Clash isn't even the best one out there.
    Why can't everyone just call a clone a clone and leave the COC which is a clone also out of it

  • Lemmonz

    What if they made an infinity blade style game with light sabers. It just seems like a no brainer to me.

    • Stormourner

      I would choose infinity blade tactical game were siris and isa leads the group of resistance against the evil deathless armies

      • Lemmonz

        With four currency's and 9 hour long timers.

      • nadav bar kama

        9 hours? man, you don't play CoC do you? what about 8 day (and growing...) long timers?

      • Stormourner

        oh please!! XD

  • GreedPhantom

    To Star Wars fans only. You should try it. It's good enough too keep you playing.

  • ste86uk

    Known about this for a long time anyway, I'll take a look but not holding my hopes up. It's rare that people change the formula rather than just the skin. But I am looking forward to seeing the Tiny Troopers version! I'm actually finding Dino on Fire pretty good, rely on heroes and abilities troops are just cannon fodder.

  • toofinedog

    Episode VII: Attack of the Clash of Clones

  • Jason Stone

    It's against app store rules to pay someone hard currency to rate an app?

  • Durduhdur

    Going to give this a try, hell why not for 'free'.

  • curtisrshideler

    I hate these money-grabbing F2P tappy apps of my favorite franchises like Star Wars and Hobbit: Middle Earth. I also hate spending time and money on something that someone else will just waltz by and destroy when I'm not playing. If Disney spent half the time of making these on making a new Knights of the Old Republic type of game, they might make just as much AND make us fans happy.

  • Ubisububi

    Sadly, This is why I do most of my gaming on a Surface Pro now. The Original Rollercoaster Tycoon, Heroes III, and Alpha Centauri are beckoning; I must away...

    • Trevor

      Oh, does Heroes III run well on a Surface?

  • Impavid

    Pretty epic bug in launch version. I downloaded the game to my phone and started playing. When I got home I picked up my ipad, started the app and was presented with a screen asking if I'd like to sync my earlier game. Unfortunately clicking either option (overwrite or sync form other device) does nothing, rendering the game impossible to play on either device. Eradicating the app from my devices and gamecenter does not fix the issue.

  • JCho133

    Gotta say, that last paragraph is the best thing you've ever written Eli.

  • DemoEvolved

    Guys it was this or a Star Wars saga match 3 puzzle game

    Not sayin the match 3 will never happen. Just goin with this for now

  • mutts

    And so Disney shows it true face.