Ironhide Studios has a new Kingdom Rush game in the works, according to a post by them on our forums. Not much is known about this new game, not even a title, but according to Ironhide's post we can expect "A new world, a new race, a new ancient evil! Get ready for an awesome overwhelmingly new Kingdom Rush game!" They've also provided this tantalizing teaser image, and based on the teaser image's text of "Every Adventure Has a Beginning" I'd guess this new game may be a prequel of sorts. Makes sense, no?


The words "overwhelmingly new" stick out to me in particular, since Ironhide's most recent release Kingdom Rush Frontiers [$1.99 / $3.99 (HD)] felt very much like a hefty extra helping of the original Kingdom Rush [Free / Free (HD)]. I don't mean that like a bad thing, either, as the first Kingdom Rush is absolutely fantastic, and I welcomed more of it. However, for a third game I definitely think some changes to the formula are in order. Unfortunately there's no more details at this time, but considering it's said to be coming in the fall, I'm sure we'll be hearing plenty more in the weeks to come.

  • Touchdoku

    Awesome news 🙂

  • soh

    I love kingdom rush. Can't wait!

  • spokentruths772

    Boing boing monkey monkey boing

  • workingman

    Loved the first one but absolutely hated the second one. Still looking forward to the third

    • rocksteady

      How come you hated the second? It was practically the same

      • Themostunclean

        Yeah, I was gonna say the same thing. Hate is a strong word that's frequently mis/overused. At the most I'd say disappointed is the best description.

      • workingman

        It was the invisible guys that bugged the crap out of me along with the added skeletons from the grave yard.
        When I say I hate a game I don't mean it in an enraged way, all I mean by it was I didn't care for it, I didn't find it nearly as entertaining as the first

    • Ibroski

      Ok...that's like saying "I love apples but I hate apples".

  • bababewey

    Nice, kingdom rush is my favorite tower defence series.

    • armilla

      Agreed! Can't wait to see how they've iterated on the series.

  • InkyTheGhost

    On seeing the headline, I actually just shouted "Yeah!" out loud.

  • B30


  • DAN13LG

    I nearly fell off my CHAIR

    • ImJPaul


      • DAN13LG

        Game developer

  • Jake7905

    Today we get Sentinel 4 and word of a new Kingdom Rush game. If good things come in three's, then we should be getting that Fieldrunners 3 announcement any minute now.

  • uFinKnow

    Can't wait

  • ImJPaul

    Me likey

  • BloodFidelity

    Damn this is some great news.

  • TheGrimCreeper

    Insta buy. Insta buy. Insta buy!!!

  • keshi0

    Instabuy. Both of the Kingdom Rush games are amongst my favourites to ever grace the app store. Fantastic games. Not a bad thing to say about either of them.

  • Mirkwood

    Hell yes 🙂

  • iosuser

    Great news for my favorite TD series. I hope they add some new features and lessen the IAP prices of the heroes.

  • diegohostettler

    Dope! Tough I personally hope they don't change too much! I just love the kingdom rushs as they are and want more of it!

  • Apricosomoso

    Inside info has told me that the game is not a tower defence...

    • andrew9oh7

      Cause everything on the internet is true...

      • workingman

        Lol, that will remain one of the best commercials I have ever seen

  • Flare_TM

    Hope they mix up the formula a bit, the last one started to get a bit repetitive. I'd like to see more base towers than just your standard barracks, archer, mage, cannon.

  • Psac42

    Maybe more like Heroes and Castles?

  • Kyle Waring

    Really excited to see what kind of spin they put on their next RTS/Strategy game. Ironhide is an insanely talented studio who emerged from the flash industry and now sits as a titan in the mobile space