While Order & Chaos Online [Free] very well might be Gameloft's most blatant clone, it sure is popular. Originally released back in 2011, this World of Warcraft-like has seem a ridiculous amount of support from Gameloft, complete with new content, in-game events, PvP options, and loads more.

For quite a while now the game has had a bit of a free to play feel to it, ever since they nuked monthly subscriptions in 2012. While you don't need any of it, there's a hefty amount of consumable IAP you can buy in game to basically just boost your progress. Otherwise, you can grind it all out.


Well, Gameloft recently decided to just slash the price to free permanently. If you've ever been curious about Order & Chaos Online, now's a good time to try it out. It's hard to give Gameloft too hard of a time about the IAP stuff either, especially with Blizzard straight up selling high level characters and other things like that in WoW. At least here there's no monthly subscription.

  • Wizard_Mike

    The big thing that turned me off with this was the forced pvp in questing zones. When they finally added in badges that you could purchase to opt out of pvp, I thought it was time to jump back in, but then I discovered that those badges were purchased with the iap currency and only lasted for a day. Haven't touched it since. Have they offered a way to opt out of pvp that doesn't cost $2 a day or whatever the price was? Because nothing is more fun than being asked for money when you say you're tired of max level players killing your mid level guy when trying to do a simple quest of collecting demo horns or whatever.

    • Morgan01

      Played it when it first cam out and it was great. Stopped playing when it became a money grab...took all the fun out of it.

    • Nekku

      As far as I remember, the war free brand lasts for 1 hour only. There is a way around: grind the 2 levels for which you normaly have to do some quests in a pvp zone. It's not that bad, imo. This game have some serious other problems though which are far more worse than this one here.

      • Wizard_Mike

        Oh, one hour, not one day. Sheesh, even worse than I remembered it being, lol. Yeah, I could just skip certain quests to avoid the areas with forced pvp and grind instead, but that's a fun killer for me rather than a solution. I'm a quester and would like to complete them all without having to keep paying or keep getting stomped over and over by PKs camping the area. And yeah, the game does have other big problems, but the pvp thing was the main frustration I had.

    • mkat259

      You can buy a 30 day war free brand now.

      • Wizard_Mike

        Oh cool, so you can pay (at much higher price, I imagine) once a month to opt out of being slaughtered by high level players while questing? How convenient!

      • mkat259


  • torosama

    Played this game for over two years and was in a great guild. I quit playing because of lottery ticket loot drops, meaning getting items was like playing the lottery. Then when you would see people running around in a full set of something first day of release of new content you begin to wonder what is up. Then the documentation of Gameloft employees taking money to give people gear and all the corrupt crap that went with it. I wrote this game off a long time ago and never looked back. It was so much fun but I refuse to support Gameloft anymore after all they and corrupt employees have pulled.

  • DuckyShot

    Also players who have gotten the game get 150 Runes free and this other thing but I forgot what it was

    • Nekku

      A golden pet dragon. 😉

      • Nekku

        *dragon pet

      • DuckyShot

        How do I get it? I got my runes but i don't know how to access the pet

      • Nekku

        It should be in your mailbox.

  • C. Stubb

    Anymore they have a system that just gives you pretty great gear whenever you reach a certain experience level with your character. Though it may seem like a generous gift, it just makes it hard to get an edge over anyone else by even grinding now. IAP seems the only way to excel at this game.

  • Firefly0704

    Hmm, now to figure out what to take off my phone to put this on. Question before I do: is it online play only? Or is there offline play?

    • Based Xatu

      It's an mmorpg.....

      • Firefly0704

        Yeah, I realized a few minutes after I posted that it's Order and Chaos ONLINE.

    • http://www.googlepants.com/ Wizard of Odyssey

      Online only. Your progress is saved online so you don't lose anything if you delete it. It's my "get 2GB of space back" emergency game to delete if I run out of space for photos and videos.

      • Firefly0704

        The pain of only having ~6.5 GB (out of 8) usable memory and most of it being used by songs and the couple of games I play. Only three things above 220 MB, and they're all also 700+

      • Nick Bro

        Lmao get a 128gb 6 plus guiz

  • leehomf

    I quitted OC about a year ago, before that I grind dungeons every day. But there were several terrible glitch outbreak that almost destroy the environment. People can literally get that epic weapon within minutes that you grind for months. And now the game goes free? That means it's going for IAP, which was already freaking excessive a year ago! Good luck with that.

  • pinOi32

    I'm lovin it, though I feel bad for the people who purchased the game.

    I still cant play it either cuz iPod Touch 4th gen sux balls

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  • Nick Bro

    Wish they would release wow for mibile sooo baddd