One of the finest action platformers on the App Store is Traps n' Gemstones [$4.99] from Donut Games. In fact, it's somewhat surprising it turned out to be so great, considering Donut has largely focused on simplistic puzzle and arcade games during their time creating for iOS.

However, despite being out of their wheelhouse, they totally nailed it, and over the weekend Traps n' Gemstones received an update that should please owners of MFi controllers. Yes, the game now supports controllers, and it's a great experience playing with one. I also think it's a great experience playing with the normal virtual controls, but you know, some people really just want physical buttons. Now you have 'em.

In addition to the controller support, there's a new option that allows you to teleport back to the entrance of the pyramid upon death, rather than immediately spawning at the last room you entered. This is a big deal for those high score chasers who are trying to gather as many treasures and defeat as many enemies in one run as possible. Finally, a nasty bug has been squashed in this update that would see your tiny hero occasionally getting stuck in the level geometry.

If the virtual controls in Traps n' Gemstones put you off initially, fire up this updated version of the game and try it out with a controller. Or, if you've simply missed Traps n' Gemstones since its release a couple of weeks back, and you like "Metroidvania" style platformers, then it needs to be a part of your life.

  • Anotherkellydown

    Now I just need a premium, quality controller 😉 I finally beat this one last week. Excellent virtual controls.

  • Flunkie

    Now we just need iCloud support for saves. Why this isn't standard boggles the mind.

    • NFCT

      I can see your side of this, and for some it has become a necessity. But there are still people, myself included that don't care at all about iCloud save support. In fact I don't use iCloud for anything because I personal don't like the idea of putting more of my information "like they don't have enough on you already" out into digital space regardless of its current protection status. But at the end of the day, not having iCloud save support, does not ruin the gameplay experience in one bit.

  • Louis Ace

    Wow this sucks

  • spsummer

    Has this review been edited with wordpress? Did Eli change it? Nah, probably playing Flappy Birds in a corner somewhere.

    • Anotherkellydown

      Please stop the negativity. It's getting old fast.

    • RamazUltra

      Shut up

  • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

    This game was so fun, first game ive finished on my iphone in aaages! Can anyone recommend more titles like this for me to try?

    • mrmoobz

      Leo's fortune.

      • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

        Yeah i actually finished that one as well. Also a brilliant game!

  • Steve

    Before I update... I'm already playing it with my icade 8-bitty controller, will the update to IOS 7 controllers break that?

  • JRich865

    So the mFi controllers not working for this game?

    • nlflint

      I'm using PS4 controller with Controllers4All. It's working for me.

  • Alexander Farber

    Does not work with Logitech Powershell controller (which I bought for EUR 5 new), only the Pause button works.