Forge Reply's impressive gamebook-inspired adventure Joe Dever's Lone Wolf [Free] will be getting its third act this Thursday August 7th, the developer has announced in our forums. The new Act is called "The Shianti Halls" and will have you exploring "a not-so-abandoned place full of dangerous enemies, included the fearsome Vordak!" About that Vordak… yeah, I'm not looking forward to running into that guy, nor any of the other enemies you'll square off against which are shown in the following Act 3 trailer.

The Shianti Halls will be available as a $4.99 in-app purchase inside the Lone Wolf app, or if you've already purchased the season pass it'll simply be available for free. Well, not really free, maybe "already paid for" is a better description. Also, Forge Reply offers a mid-season pass, so if you waited to buy the original season pass but ended up buying Act 2 at full price, you can still get a discount on the remaining Acts. It's a really nice way of doing the whole season pass thing. For more on the first two acts of Joe Dever's Lone Wolf, check out our review, and look for Act 3 later this week.

  • Mr. Grizzly

    I thought the title was Hills, not Halls.

  • Mr. Grizzly

    Sorry, I must have been mixing it up with the Steve Jackson Sorcery series. 😉

  • CrispyCreamed

    Holy crap! Finally! Talk about the longest wait between episodes ever. Telltale has nothing on Lone Wolf. Anyways, really looking forward to ch.3.

  • Drizzt79

    I like Shianti. Not as much as Chardonnay but...

  • ImJPaul

    This trailer makes me want to begin the series. The first one looked bland. This made it look much more appealing. I have some thinking to do. Haha

  • SuperMario7

    Hmm I was debating whether to get it for my iPhone 5 or Nexus and I just checked my email from the Humble Bundle store and they've got the full game/season pass on there as part of their Android bundle and you can throw some money towards the devs and also towards charity rather than letting Apple/Google get their 30%, that's pretty much decided it for me

    • Kugiro

      Doesn't Google own Android???

      • Boopero

        You are buying from Humble Bundle and not Google Play App Store.

  • mw1

    Here's to hoping TA re-reviews the game in its entirety when, well, it's entirely released. It's made quite some improvements since initial release such as cloud saving and enemy balancing. I wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone still on the fence about it.

    • Shaun Musgrave

      As with our reviews of many other episodic games, the Lone Wolf review is updated with each new episode to add thoughts about the new content and how it affects the game on the whole. The score is also adjusted to reflect how the reviewer sees the game on the whole to date. So, don't worry, when the game is finished, the score will reflect how I feel about Lone Wolf in its completed form.

  • Reignmaker

    Loved the books. The first act of this app bored me to death though, and I never returned. It was pretty to look at, but that's about it.

  • Bool Zero

    A must buy for me!

  • BlazeLee

    I bought the season pass from the get-go. Cant wait for this Act!!!

  • ToraSama

    ACT III WARNING!!! It is crashing on the Vordak battle! Might need to fix it before people start dropping money on a mid-season pass!

    • BulkyPix

      Hi ToraSama. A fix is coming very soon for that! Don't worry.

      • ToraSama

        Word! I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I OWNED this guy, one turn, no damage. It was heartbreaking to watch it crash. Combat Skill at a max versus this guy ;).