If you're wild about Hearthstone [Free], you're going to be in for a late night tonight. Blizzard just announced the time that the new Plague Quarter is going to be unlocking, and for those of us in the US market it'll happen at 11:59 PM Pacific tonight. Other regions get theirs a bit earlier, so if you're curious about all the fights, it might not be a bad idea to find someone with an Asian account streaming on Twitch this afternoon.

Anyway, just like the Arachnid Quarter, the Plague Quarter is home to three boss fights and two class challenges which will reward six new cards. Hopefully the normal difficulty is a little trickier this time around, as you could seriously beat the Arachnid Quarter in less than 30 minutes with a vaguely competitive deck.

Here's the six new cards, some of which we've seen being played in enemy decks already:

7750 7757

7749 7746

7732 7741

Even though the Plague Quarter is opening pretty late today, at least we know when it's happening. I was half expecting to spend most of my day reloading the game waiting for it to happen.

  • http://www.fathernerdsbest.com Scott Posey

    I wish I could get into this game. The lack of a single player story or really anything besides the practice mode wasn't enough for me to really learn the game - and I was horrible playing against others. It seems really fun though if it clicks for you

    • PallaZ

      Go ahead and watch better players playing. This fixed the issue for many.

      • http://www.fathernerdsbest.com Scott Posey

        What's the best way to do this? Youtube? I really do want to enjoy this game but I just don't get the strategy of it (or I just really suck.)

      • PallaZ

        Yes, YT or twitch. Most streamers are sharing their thoughts why they play this card or add/remove this card from the deck.
        I recommend you those (the names are their YT Chanel):

        Force Strategie Gaming
        TotalBiscuit (isn't the best player, but entertaining)
        Tempo Storm

        Try Reynads Zoo Deck. There are a few videos about it on the Tempo Storm Chanel.

        There are a few lists with good and entertaining Hearthstone players on reddit p.e.

      • AngryBaby

        Even if you don't play or understand Hearthstone, Amaz is worth tuning into just for his excitement and hilarity.

      • sakara214ever

        Download the "twitch" app and see other players play in live streaming. For example a player named Trump climbs really fast without using any legendary cards and i think not even epic. He just has basic and 4-5 expert and rare cards. Here is the link for twitch.
        That is how i learned to play Hearthstone!!!!

      • GR8R

        Try watching TrumpSC or AmazHS on youtube or twitch they usually do a good job of explaining their moves. Also HearthHead and Hearthpwn have a lot of decks with deck guides that explain why certain cards were chosen and how they should be utilized. Def helped me get better

    • cameron331

      I was hooked pretty much right away, and I don't have much experience with Magic or WoW. I would recommend sticking with the basic Mage deck for a while until you feel comfortable with it. Don't switch heroes or mess around with new cards too quickly or you'll be overwhelmed. I've been playing since the beta and I still haven't played all the heroes.

      • http://www.fathernerdsbest.com Scott Posey

        Ah, maybe that's it then. I've been bouncing around with the different classes and I couldn't really figure out which one was for me.

  • shdwstar2417

    I still gotta beat the Heroic Challenges ... Fun.

  • sivad

    I just wish I could a. Build a deck b. have for iPhone. Everytime I make a deck I get slaughtered with it so I just use the defaults.

    • PallaZ

      Use guides, watch other guys play. And try Zoolock. Cheapest deck and very effective.

    • Kyle

      I've had trouble with building decks, but there is so much online to give you an idea of the different ways to play, and I usually build a deck and play in casual mode to see how it stacks up. You'll learn in time.

  • RamazUltra

    Wooo this is awesome news since I get off at work at 4 I won't miss the release 🙂

    • RamazUltra

      Also those cards are bad ass. I need loath web

  • speedyph


  • Flare_TM

    Needs to come to iPhone so badly

  • Speedster117

    This better come to iphone soon

  • Steveo

    I rule at this game because I rule

    • RamazUltra

      1v1 bro

  • Jake7905

    It looks like I'll be buying a $20 ITunes card later today, it's like getting a new version of Hearthstone every week. I'd also advise newbies to stick with Casual online matches to learn the ropes, the ranked matches and arena matches are a good way to get discouraged if you're new to the game.

    • RamazUltra

      Untrue. Casual games are actually harder because you get Paige with anyone, any skill level. In ranked you at paired with someone the same rank and mostly always same ranks as you.

      • Jake7905

        Hey, I'm only going by personal experience. In casual matches I win much more then I lose, and it's either a fairly even match, or I win handily. So far, after about month of playing, I'm winless playing ranked games, and usually get crushed. I've also spent $20 on expert packs, and have used online guides when building my decks. To reinforce my point, last night I played three games in ranked play, and got outdrawn and crushed in every game. Then I put down my IPad in frustration, took a break, and went back to play a casual game. I won my next two casual games, and feeling redeemed, finally went to bed.

      • Jake7905

        Basically: when I play Casual, I feel like a Hearthstone champ. But when I play ranked, I realize I'm just a noob.

      • echo_pdx

        Yup, I'm with Ramaz on this one. Casual mode is where high-ranked players hang out to test out crazy new combos from their massive collections. There are noobs there too of course but in ranked you always end up with someone around the same level, especially once the season is a week in or so.

  • Anthony

    If you want to get into the game I'd recommend Trump's Free To Play series for Ranked (or Constructed) play and his, or other's, Arena runs. If you aren't lucky, patient, or willing to pay money you're going to have to work with what you have.

    If you are totally lost play a Warlock with low cost minions (Zoo). I suggest making your own deck after 5 to 10 days of play, even if you're fully confident you should still try. You should have an idea of why each card is in your deck.

    When you do play Arena, use a site called "Arena Value" to get a basic idea of what you're doing. It isn't perfect, but can help you get your bearings.

    There are guides for beginners and other stuff too. let me know if you want any help.