Simogo released two utter masterpieces in 2013: Year Walk [$3.99] and Device 6 [$3.99], but they've been in quiet in 2014 outside of the Year Walk Steam release. But wait no longer: they have announced their next game, The Sailor's Dream, coming late 2014 to iOS.

Simogo is promising more of a story-based experience with this game, and one that's "challenge-free" as it is a non-linear story of exploration. This takes after Device 6 in a way, which was more of an interactive novel than a game, albeit with puzzles that stood in the way. But this appears to put even those out of the way, to let players dive in to the story of three different characters.

thesailorsdream_screen_02 thesailorsdream_screen_03

And as Simogo discusses on their development blog, this is somewhat intentional – it's part of a 'suite' with Year Walk and Device 6, while the more traditional games of Kosmo Spin [$2.99], Bumpy Road [$2.99], and Beat Sneak Bandit [$2.99], are all linked in their own way.

Simogo's keeping things close to the vest, but Jonas Tarestad, the writer of Device 6 and Year Walk is handling the scripts on this one, and music will be by Jonathan Eng. Simogo games are pretty much always worth getting excited about because they have such a unique approach to making gamess, and while I enjoy intense action games as much as the next dyed-in-the-wool gamer, I can't wait to see what Simogo's got cooking with The Sailor's Dream.

  • Slothwerks

    Starting with Device 6 (which is one of the most brilliant and unique games I've ever played), I've been a huge fan of Simogo, and every game they make is a must buy for me. I'm really glad to see them doing another game in the vein of Device 6/Year Walk. Looking forward to it!

  • dylanmannen

    Aah! Great news! (^O^)/

  • RamazUltra

    Added to watch list.

  • loophole

    I think I just peed a little! Love simogo!

  • stelluhreyes

    simogo is my favorite iOS dev. couldnt be happier they have a new game coming out, ill buy it the second i can.

  • James Cameron

    I cannot wait!

  • KeiserOne

    Kinda surprising to see the evolution of the company's gaming statement. They went from pure challenging gameplay-only games (Beat Sneak Bandit) to disorienting puzzle-driven story (Year Walk), to digital novel sprinkled with puzzles (Device 6), and finally leading up to this game which ditched all gameplay for the sake of narration. I will get a lot of rage over what I'm saying next, but it needs to be said coz of precedents: I feel like they're really putting pressure on themselves to create what will surely pop as "indie" in people's minds, and try hard to create something that screams "look at me! I'm so stylish and original looking". It won't be long before they burn themselves.

    • spader623

      There's nothing wrong with it. I can see why they're going this route. They want people to experience their games without getting stuck on some puzzle.

    • Nicholas Yu

      I understand the concern, but I think it's unfounded so far. It's too early to say. I mean, to make an analogy to film, let's say Simogo eventually becomes the David Lynch of iOS gaming. They'll make mesmerizing and visually-arresting games that may sometimes also be a tangled mess. I'm okay with that, and I think that they'll fill an important role of accepting games as art.

    • Foghorn Irrascible

      I just think these are people who enjoy creating really engaging stories and telling them in an involving way. Whether it's a game or not is largely irrelevant to me, it's a dose of entertainment that appeals to me, that's all it needs to be.

  • Nicholas Yu

    Year Walk was on my short list for best iOS games of 2013. Can't wait to see what Simogo does next.

  • stelluhreyesthis

    It goes without saying that simogo is creating some of the most interesting games around right now, I trust that the next release will be just as interesting as the rest of their games, they know where they stand, and have proven themselves multiple times, at this point I trust them implicitly.