It rolled out a bit later than the rest of this week's releases, but yesterday Slitherine unleashed their latest iPad strategy game Commander the Great War [$19.99 (HD)] onto the masses. Like most of Slitherine's games, this one is centered around war, specifically World War I or The Great War as the title implies. The game consists of five different campaigns that span the globe, each taking place during a different year of the war. The campaigns are based on the real history of the war, but there are opportunities to diverge from the historical timelines and enter into alternate histories based on the decisions you make during play. Topping off the immense single-player component of Commander the Great War is cross-platform online multiplayer.

It's only been out for about a day and a half, but already the folks in our forums are singing the praises of Commander the Great War. It's on the higher end of App Store pricing at $19.99, but if you're familiar with Slitherine's previous work, you'll know that their games are well worth the price. Our forum user volcanopele sums up their initial impressions: "Insta-buy for me. I've played a bit. Combat mechanics are a lot like Panzer Corps, but there are more elements you have to deal with, like industrial production. It is pricey compared to a lot of other iOS games, but good strategy games are worth it for me."


User Parkingtigers offers their opinion, "Had been waiting for this one. I played 7 straight hours in my first game, and still only reached turn 15 (out of a possible 118), which was January 1915. It's going to be a long war, there's some serious gaming time here, and it's wonderful. Couple of very minor rough edges to the port, but overall plays really well on original iPad mini. There's nothing else like this on iPad and it is well worth the price, which as usual is half the cost of the PC version." Parkingtigers elaborates further in a follow-up post that's worth reading if you're interested in impressions.

If you're into war strategy games or are already a fan of Slitherine's excellent iPad catalog, Commander the Great War should be right up your alley. Grab your iPad and spend your weekend waging war.

  • speedyph
    • Jared Nelson

      I love you.

    • iammane

      Ahh, but will you be eating at Applebee's for 7+ hours? I think not!

    • Arcite

      I just had a seizure trying to read your post.

    • saltysick

      Ha ha. Perfect 😉

  • Sean Bynum

    20 bucks?! Curse you, Square-E-- wait...nevermind.

    • anabolicMike

      Like square this games probably worth it :D. Makes me want to drop the android and go full out apple! Yeah man I said it! Full out apple!

      • Jay G

        Keep the 'droid around for entertaining toddlers. 😉

      • Dr. Woodenstein

        Toddlers? You've obviously never fully utilized Android's emulation capabilities. FF7 and Wild Arms are not toddler games. 😛

      • Jay G

        It was a tongue-in-cheek statement, you scurvy root pirate. ;P
        (A tongue-out-of-cheek statement, btw...)

      • Dr. Woodenstein

        Haha just sayin'. I've never really understood why people want Android for their kids. Honestly Apple has better apps for kids than Android in my opinion.

      • Jay G

        Because you can pick some of them up new for less than a $100 vs handing them a $600 device? It just makes good fiscal sense. 😀

      • anabolicMike

        True, however Apple has got guided access built in and you can get an otter box for your iPad mini. Android doesn't light a candle to Apple for toddlers.

  • PoloBaquerizoH

    Totally insta buy for a strategy game of this class

  • RamazUltra

    Looks great but I have too many games a indeed to play lol

  • doublezz

    This week is just way too strong. Already brought loads of games!!

  • Ultima12

    Another premium game!! Keep em coming. I love a good strategy game. Guess I'll have to pick this one up!

  • Luciano1084

    Looks great but 20 bucks might be a bit steep for me

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  • Morgan01

    My one grip concerning Slitherine games is the apparent lack of support. Typically, once they release a game, a game gets an initial updates and nothing more. Mostly, instead of addressing issues and tweaking problems, they leave games as is. If they supporter their games, they would be easy to recommend. Since they don't, you get what you get.

    • Tim van der Moer

      We 100% contradict your claim with facts, eg. just have a look at the Commander and Panzer Corps patch changelog threads, we support and improve our products for years!

      • akrose858

        Triple snap!

      • Morgan01

        Slitherine's Legion - 1 Update, April 12, 2013, Version 1.01
        Great Battles Midievil - 0 Updates, Ver. 1.00
        History Egypt HD - 1 Update, September 15, 2011, Ver. 1.01
        Frontline; Road to Moscow, 1 Update, March 26, 2014, Ver. 1.01

        Oh, snap!! Great support there. Several releases by Slitherine received either a single update or no update as noted above.
        Great Battles Midievil and Legion were both received with mixed reviews, but what was consistent was that they were rough around the edges with room for improvements. I waited and hoped for updates that never came. Look up the reviews and the updates, you will find that nothing has been made up nor exaggerated.

      • Parkingtigers

        It'll vary game by game. You have to remember that Slitherine as a rule don't make the games, they just bring them to iOS from a variety of development houses. Tim is speaking on behalf of the studio that made both C:TGW and Panzer Corps. In this case, Lordz Studios do indeed stand by their games for a long time. This game is now up to version 1.51, and has had a lot of gameplay tweaking based on feedback from the players. Yes, I have read their changelogs, and it's been systematically improved in the year since it came out on PC.

        Now there are other Slitherine games, from other studios, where things are different. I recently bought Qvadriga, which is a decent game, and Slitherine put out an update that fixed a lot of issues with the UI. That's on them for the iOS port. There are things in that game, both in terms of graphics and design that could and should be improved, but that's something the dev of the game would need to address. (He commented on the game forums he considers it complete, though as it looks like a game designed 15 years ago I strongly dispute that.) I doubt that game will ever progress from its enjoyable, yet flawed form.

        I've currently had a tech issue with C:TGW that has affected a small number of users, and Lordz have responded to what's going on with my game, have been posting updates on a fix, and I know a patch request has been filed with Apple. That's some solid support right there.

        Tl;dr - support varies by game, but the devs of this particular are top tier.

  • akrose858

    So what is the difference between this and Battle of the Bulge which I just picked up?

    • Parkingtigers

      Scale, mostly. Battle of the Bulge is very close to the action, focusing on a small number of units fighting over a limited amount of land in a limited amount of time. There are some reinforcements, but they are awarded at specific times outside the player's control. The game is so very good because it concentrates on covering one small part of the war.

      C:TGW on the other hand zooms out, and covers much more. The entire war in fact. As well as the movement of units, and the attempt to capture key locations, you also need to manage the production of new units, research new technologies, repair and upgrade units. You've got over four years (118 turns), and have a lot of opportunities to attempt your own strategies.

      Bulge is like a really great episode of your favourite TV show. C:TGW is like the deluxe box set of the entire season.

      • akrose858

        Wow, thanks for the info. I will definitely have to try it out.

  • Tim van der Moer

    I read a lot about no Retina quality graphics and it mainly has to do with the limited memory budget we have to deal with on the iPads, without compression we could not even load a game as heavy calculating as CTGW. So at the moment with the hardware limitations we face with it is very tight balance. I explained a bit here in an interview how hard it was to build CTGW for iPad: