Indie developer Danny Perski has a new project in the works which was revealed in our forums this afternoon. It's called Kings & Corpses, and it's very loosely based on a simplified version of chess where your goal is to protect your king from the zombies on the board. Based on the following video, you'll be doing that by strategically maneuvering your pawns and using them for cannon fodder against the zombies. The levels in Kings & Corpses are randomly generated too, so it's different each time you play.

We were pretty big fans of Perski's surprisingly strategic 2012 puzzler Exponential Invasion [$1.99], and I get that same kind of good vibe from Kings & Corpses, which looks like another simple, clean puzzler that'll be a perfect fit for mobile. Impressively, Kings & Corpses was initially built in just a couple of weeks for a class project. It's set to launch this week on Thursday, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

  • Doom

    Cool name for a game!

  • JCho133

    This looks really neat, right up my alley

  • XzJ450NzX

    Guys i got mc5 beta from appcake lolol

  • nini

    Today's combo is zombies and.... *rolls d20, refers to sheet* chess!

  • B30

    Looks very tidy, almost sterile. It's King and Corpses, so where is all the blood'n'gore?

  • edwindkelly

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  • maniacfive

    I wouldn't even call this a game. I was expecting some form of puzzle element, how to keep the king alive for the maximum amount of turns. Except the game is randomly generated. There's no challenge whatsoever.

    It's also completely silent on the music frontthe trailer imparts way too much atmosphere.