Yesterday, Craneballs Studio officially unveiled Overkill 3 on our forums, and it's quite a departure from the previous entries in the popular free to play shooter series. The big change is that Overkill 3 will be a cover-based 3rd-person shooter as opposed to the gallery-style shooters of the first two Overkill games as well as the 1930s mafia-themed spinoff Overkill Mafia. You can get a sense of what Overkill 3 will be like in the following teaser.

It sounds like Overkill 3 will still be a guided experience, not a free roaming one, but it will feature interactive running sections in-between the cover-based shooting portions. You can sort of see what that's like in the teaser video above. As for pricing, Overkill 3 will be free to play like the other games in the series, but as far as free to play games go Craneballs usually does them pretty fairly.

They're shooting for a launch sometime in October, and you can subscribe to a newsletter on the official Overkill 3 website for updates as well as an early bonus when the game finally does release.

  • Kirs

    Long story short...Frontline Commando by Glu.

    • barbarajwebster

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  • Chq

    "guided experience"- uargh!

    • Boris Nguetie

      they play with words lol! they actually mean "restricted"

  • Boris Nguetie

    now you know making video games isn't for you when the idea of ripping off frontline commando crosses your mind.

  • jl802

    I can't get to load, crashes!