Hearthstone [Free] is getting its first expansion next Tuesday. Pricing details were already announced, and you can buy it in one of two ways: Drop a total of 2,800 in game gold, or spend $24.99. Like World of Warcraft's Naxxramas raid instance, the expansion is split in to "wings," which each wing sold individually. The cool part of all of this is that the price to unlock things decreases as you spend gold to unlock things, so you can basically just dump the gold you've been saving and then pick up the rest for a discounted amount of real-world cash.

The Arachnid Quarter will unlock first, with each of the five wings being unlocked weekly after the gates are open. If you play during the launch event, you'll get access to the arachnid quarter for free, which should provide players a taste of what's to come. Additionally, doing the staggered release like this should allow people who want to endlessly grind gold to get everything for free the ability to do so as each wing is opened up.

Pretty neat, I can't wait to play it.

  • OutdatedGamer

    Yes! Finally the date has been I must grind furiously to get the necessary amount of coins, only to most likely buy the bundle anyway.....whelp, goodbye social life.

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      • barbarajwebster

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  • uFinKnow

    I have been waiting for the date. Feels like forever. Can't wait.

  • torosama

    So glad I already saved the coins up when this was first announced.

  • ste86uk

    Would be awesome if they had ready made an iPhone version sadly without that I am not really bothered.

  • MajorCheevo

    Still waiting for this to hit iPhone . Least I got Game of Thrones to play now.

  • BlueCrush

    Kinda hard in grinding to unlock each wings weekly as you would need to re-roll your daily quests to at least those paying out 100 golds to acquire the 700 golds

    • Evolution888

      I find it easier to just re-roll the 40 gold quests to 60 gold quests .. there is only 1 quest that gives 100 gold and its a rare appearance.

    • ScornedNerdvana

      It's actually not so bad. First of all, ignore Arena. Out of the seven dailies you get a week, I'd say assume you can only do half of them due to them not being your favoured class, which in this scenario, I'll round down to three, and assume that they're 2 Class Victory and a Class Dominance, which on rewards alone is 140 gold. That's 9 victories, making 30 gold, so you're already on 170 gold, leaving you with 530 gold to get over the space of a week if you're determined to unlock each wing over a week. 530 gold is 159 wins, over the space of a week is 23ish wins a day, at around four hours of play a day. Obviously, that's a lot of time to commit-I'm currently unable to work and I'm not even making that amount of time in a week, let alone a day. The thing is, you're being given options to do this, whether it be ignore the game, grind for hours, buying in pieces, buying wholesale, buying what you can and paying the rest, or whatever.

      • DranDran

        You know, being in spain I have shit wages but even I get paid like 10 euro an hour.. I think ill just fork out 2 hours worth of wages and buy the damn unlocks. 😛

    • Opinion

      They told you about Nax a while ago...

  • Evolution888

    It's actually 2800 Gold for 4 wings or $19.99 for 4 wings if you already own the first wing and everyone gets the first wing for free during the first month of launch so July 22-August 22 I presume.

  • speedyph
  • spader623

    I'd really appreciate ANYTHING on the iPhone release date besides 'this year'.

    • Arman James

      They will release iphone version in septempber when the bigger screen iphone 6 comes out.

  • armilla

    This news just made my day!

  • JCman7

    I'm mad at myself about three weeks ago I spent my saved 2000 gold on card packs cause I got tired of waiting for the update. Thought I would have time to save back up. Up to 560 right now. Guess it was worth it since I got some good cards and built a nice priest deck.

    • John T.

      If it was for Priest, it's always worth it, my brother.
      May the Light bring you victory.

    • Maniacfive

      Min-maxing has already been done on this and it seems like it's better to spend gold on card packs and actual money on the expansion.

  • HansKaosu

    Insta purchase 🙂 Love Hearthstone. Campaign mode is much welcome

  • vapourtrail

    Stopped arena about two and a half weeks ago at 0 coin to start saving. Over 1400 now doing dailies so it should take anyone more than a month of dailies to raise the 2800.

  • falco

    I can't wait I will have enough gold too 🙂

  • RamazUltra

    Woooo played this so much ion PC but when I moved I had to leave my PC behind. But I'm getting an iPad mini tomorrow sooooo (:!!

  • Foghorn Irrascible

    24.99?! Seriously? Jesus. I really don't enjoy playing this game online, all I want is a offline single player mode. I ain't grinding for those coins and I ain't paying that kings ransom either. Ah well. Guess it's finally time to delete Hearthstone.

  • Emotive

    $25 is expensive haha

    • andrew9oh7

      It's $20 for the first month

  • RunningWild

    It would be oh such a pleasant surprise for it become universal on the same day as the Naxxramus update!