While the rest of the internet is busy trying to figure out David O'Reilly's Mountain [$0.99], we're doers around here at TouchArcade. While everyone else was postulating the meaning of Mountain, debating whether or not it's a game, and everything else under the sun, I just completed a thirty hour marathon of the game, entirely live streamed on Twitch, and manage to capture the exciting ending of the game which you can now watch below...

SPOILER ALERT. Watching this video will completely spoil the game's ending. If you want to see what happens to your own mountain, I do NOT advise watching this video as it'll ruin the entire experience. If you don't care about that, well, don't say I didn't warn you.

Now what?

  • Antoine


    • roxannegbryant

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  • hil

    I was chrushed by a giant icecream cone. 🙁

  • Xibalba

    Thanks. You just saved me $0.99.

  • oscar123967

    Psshh... That ending is so predictable

  • Echoen

    Needs more Michael Bay

    • the_rebel14


  • the_rebel14

    Um... Ok... Am I supposed to feel something? 'Cause I don't...

  • Piph

    Well, SOMEONE had to waste our time in an artsy-fartsy manner on the iOS store at some point. It was bound to happen.

    • Pray For Death

      It happened long ago with Swords & Sworcery


      • Himmat Singh

        Well, to be honest, that had some really good music and epic boss battles.

  • DemoEvolved

    That's not the real ending!!! You must have played it wrong. Totally different ending for me!!

    • the_rebel14

      Maybe that's the point. Everyone gets something a bit different.

    • Connor Blondin-Beale

      There are multiple endings. You can just repeat as,zb to get an ending, right after spawning in.

  • Matthew Rossman

    2014: A Space Odyssey

  • XzJ450NzX

    maaan im just waiting for the update on minecraft. Itz thursday already

  • dmn001

    Wow, is that it? It reminds me of cube thing by peter molyneux, curiosity, barely a game and has a lame ending. It's really not a spoiler if I don't care about it either way.

  • ElPumo

    I'm guessing there are multiple endings and this one is not the perfect ending.

    • DemoEvolved

      Exactly!! My ending was way better!

    • Connor Blondin-Beale

      IS there a perfect ending? There are tons of different ones, but who is to say that one is better than another?

  • vid_icarus

    So this is empirical proof this is just one long troll, right?

    • drlemon

      It's david oreily, he's a total troll. Have you seen his other work?

  • Alexythimia23

    That more looked like Freiza's death ball, where were you goku.... WHERE WERE YOOOUUUUU!!

  • lll Anubis lll

    Your mountain sucks Eli, get gud.

  • dawizerd

    If you hadn't sucked all the energy out of your mountain to feed your insatiable desire for power, the Lifestream would have saved it.

  • Anotherkellydown

    Retry, really?? Haha!!!

  • Pray For Death

    This looks more like a 'game over' than an ending

  • Irvin

    I'm just glad I didn't buy this crap

  • witedahlia

    Damn, Eli. You're good. Rub it in why don't you.

  • one.sixty.four

    Is this worth a buck?

  • deathismario

    You didn't "beat it" you FAILED it. This is the BAD ending, not the correct ending.

    • Connor Blondin-Beale

      What's the GOOD ending?

  • Flamingo

    In my ending, the mountain remains, immovable and covered in junk, slowly spinning, occasionally pausing to tell me that "The clouds are soft and warm on my face". What do I win?

  • http://iqsoup.com/ iqSoup

    Wow...didn't expect THAT to happen...

  • Alex_Gol

    "Everyone aboard was GRILLED!"

  • Robert Castelle

    I am fairly certain you did not "Beat" the game.

  • Roleki

    Hey, Eli - I was wondering where you'd gotten to, haven't been seeing your reviews recently...
    Stay outa dem mountains!

  • http://junephine.free.fr Junephine

    I think a big E.T egg just land on my mountain… and then it “rejected” an objet… weird !

    I hope an octocat will appear !

  • Sylars

    Kind of the song of the Godzilla movie, where the militarians jumped off the plane into the Storm. Remember?