Since the expansion was originally hinted at, Hearthstone [Free] players everywhere have been speculating how much the expansion was going to cost. Well, Blizzard just gave us our answer. First off, players who participate in the launch event which will last around a month following the release of the expansion will gain access to the first wing, the Arachnid Quarter. After that, the rest of the wings can be purchased for 700 in-game gold each, or $6.99 in real money.

Here's how it all breaks down:


So, it's kind of neat, in that the more you buy with in-game gold the cheaper the rest of the content gets if you opt to spend some real-world money. Also, there's a Heroic mode, like all World of Warcraft raids:

Once you’ve defeated all of the bosses within any given wing for the first time, you’ll unlock the Heroic mode of that wing. Heroic mode bosses are significantly more difficult than their normal versions, and they will prove to be a challenge for even the most veteran Hearthstone players. Defeating all of the bosses in Naxxramas on Heroic mode will unlock a new card back for your collection.

Still no exact date, of course, but something tells me if Blizzard is discussing these kind of details, it can't be that far off.

  • sivad

    If I had this for iPhone + mh3u + world of tanks, I could easily be divorced....

    • 61050

      i always hear "oh, this game won't work on a phone, the screen is too small", and yet, every time this is said and the game finally does make it to the phone- bam, works just fine. what doesnt work is carrying an ipad in my pocket with me wherever i go...

      • Fangbone

        It's already been in the works for iPhone and android for later this year. Cool your jets

      • 61050

        seriously? fukyea!

      • montyDwill

        I guess it's a part of apples marketing to get u to spend money on a game that they know damn well they can put on the phone already smh:/ Money HUNGRy! Nice try apple I really want this game too but I'll wait rather than spend 400 on a pad just for 1 game lol

      • sweetdiss

        Hahahahahaha whut?

      • Gamera Love

        i prefer this game on ipad so i can take it to wherever i want.

    • speedyph


  • Nycteris

    That is less gold than I expected!!! I gotta do more daily quests ..

  • DMan2385

    Can't wait for this to come out! REALLY looking forward to it

  • UnSurreal

    Looks like Blizzard is getting my $20.

  • Slothwerks

    Apparently, the first wing is free* (for a limited time) and if you play during that time (a month?), then it's actually only $20 instead of $25.

    As others have pointed out:
    $20 gets you 15 packs
    2800 gold gets you 28 packs

    It's more economical (as Blizzard has carefully planned) to buy the expansion with real money, and to use your gold on packs. That said, especially given the spacing of the various wings, obtaining 700 gold to unlock each wing is totally reasonable. I'll be going the $$$ route, myself.

    Well played, Blizzard.

    • Stephen Harrell

      Well.....sorta. Yeah, your math is fine, but buying the wings or the whole package is kind of silly. It's so easy to make 50-100 gold in one day on the game. Just doing your daily and playing a few rounds will net that.....and that's playing VERY casually. Having a good Arena run can get you more. Regardless, the wings are being released a month apart. That gives you a ridiculous amount of time to generate the gold. I've bought several rounds of the "big pack" on HS and trust me.....after a while the ONLY thing you care about is dust. That way you can craft exactly what you want (including gold versions). It's all about the dust man. Stockpiling gold is pretty senseless because it ends up converting to dust in the end. So If you're going to spend any real world money, I'd most certainly drop it on actual cards. It's the fastest way to end up with what you want without relying on random luck.

      • ScornedNerdvana

        I thought it was a week apart?

  • MeanDinosaur

    Been saving my daily gold for the last month or two and already have enough for the last four wings. Not too bad.

    • makitango

      Me2. Happy to know I'm prepared, unlike Illidan in the tutorial.

  • Opinion

    I figured them to be 1000 gold each so it's actually a neat surprise. I have over 2000 saved so i may just buy the rest.

  • borntodie007

    Hmmm so I have 3000 coins. Should I just pay for the wings and just get 30 packs with the coins?

    • Slothwerks

      It's more economical to buy it outright.

      Cost to unlock Naxx: $20 (15 packs) or 2800 gold (28 packs)

      Assuming you are the type to spend real money on packs anyway, you might as well use your gold on packs/arena and buy Naxx with real money.

    • Bruciato


  • Gabriel.Voyager

    Will be offline?

  • armilla

    Fabulous. But seriously, I'm chomping at the bit for that release date!

  • echo_pdx

    Dying for single player Hearthstone content. I'm not nearly competitive enough for multi :X

  • Bruciato

    Thanks to a Touch Arcade article of 3 months ago reporting leaks from a chinese website, I've been saving all gold since then. I'm happy to read that the 4k I've been saving is more than enough 😀 thanks TA!

    • sakara214ever

      Me too lol!!!!!! Saved 4.000 gold exactly