The Infinity Blade series has just gotten a series of very appropriate price drops for the July 4th weekend.
The original Infinity Blade [$5.99] is $0.99. Infinity Blade II [$5.99] is $1.99. Infinity Blade 3 [$6.99] is $2.99. You know, like one dollar for IB1, two dollars for IB2, and so on. Very clever, Chair. This bold new strategy of sales-based-on-which-sequel-it-is might not save much money once Infinity Blade 75 comes out, but let's cross that bridge when we get to it, eh?

  • the_rebel14

    If you do not own one of the games, GET IT NOW. Or wait for it to be free at some point in your life. It'll eventually happen. Still, love the games and I really hope that somehow we get an Infinity Blade Dungeons... Somehow...

    • ImJPaul

      Never. Going. To. Happen. Ever.

      • the_rebel14

        One can hope.

      • shantelljlubin

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      • thiagovscoelho

        The first two have been free in the past, at their successor's launch dates.

    • Stormourner

      aaaawww Infinity Blade Dungeons I miss you like a desert missed the rain ;;;;;_;;;;;

  • marcanthony0313

    To me, these games are just "okay" graphics are fantastic, but the gameplay is so repetitive. Idk maybe I'm nuts.

    • the_rebel14

      The gameplay can get repetitive but if you enjoy the genre, this is the best series as it does the sword swings right. The main draw for me is the story. It's very deep and fantastically engrossing.

    • Goggles789

      I'm with you on that one. I loved them at first but they do not create a long term use for me.

    • bilboad

      Same here. For me, I don't care for the story much at all. The main draw is the combat, which is quite deep and engaging. However it does get pretty same-samey after a while. I haven't deleted IB II from my device, but I haven't wanted to play it in a long time either, just because it started to feel too repetitive.


    This is a good game


    This two-game I would love to have Contract killing three and top gun dollars are my two favorite game

  • Martymcsmartie

    I think visually these are excellent, the game itself I just can't get into, story seems good, but the gameplay doesn't do anything for me, it's feels dull, I keep trying to play it then just get bored and delete for space....

  • Jake7905

    There's someone who reads TA that doesn't own all 3 Infinity Blade games? That is news.

  • rewind

    I just need #3, but why should I pay for it when it'll go free someday? I got #1 and #2 for free, so I'll wait for #3 to drop to $0.00.

    • Emotive

      Same here haha I don't play them long enough to warrant a buy but free is nice.

  • thiagovscoelho

    If quality keeps going up, Infinity Blade 75 will be well worth its sequel-number price.

  • greatnoob

    Well lucky us Australians!

    We get 30% MORE content!

    Infinity Blade 1.30
    Infinity Blade 2.30
    infinity Blade 3.30