If you're hardcore enough to have a New Zealand iTunes account for all the iOS releases the second they hit the App Store or you just so happen to live in New Zealand, you're in luck- Civilization Revolution 2 just popped up in your part of the world. It seems safe to assume it'll be available to download for everyone else at the normal (Well, it's Tuesday, so "normal".) time of 11:00 PM Eastern.


It'll launch for fifteen buckeroos in the USA when it finally shows up. Alternatively, if you want to dip your toes in to the original first, Civilization Revolution [$2.99 / $6.99 (HD)], it's far cheaper. I'm just happy Civ 2 is going to be universal, as it sort of goes to show just how old the original Civ on iOS is with the normal and HD split.

New Zealand App Store Link: Civilization Revolution 2, $14.99

Update: And as expected, Civilization Revolution 2 [$9.99] is now available in the US App Store.

  • sivad

    I'm excited... Loved all civ games!! Please be bug free and good... Please

    • skellestic

      Hope so absolutely

      • evynjeg506

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      • M M

        What is it with all of these awful work from home posts??

      • BoonyTuesday


      • Jake7905

        And suckers.

    • Ultima12

      This please!! ^^

  • mantascorp

    VERY curious to see the impressions on this one. I'm happy to support a premium game, but I'd like to see how it differs from the first one (besides fancier graphics).

    • Unfrozen

      If all at it brings to Civ Rev is fancier graphics I will drop $15 on that alone. I think Civ Rev was one of the first great strategy games for iPad but after picking up Civ 5, I have yearned for so something more modern looking to hold in my hands.

      • sivad

        $15 bucks for a civ game is nothing and I will gladly pay. No IAP, and a great tradition... If on PC or console, this would be 50-60...

      • Brian E

        What did you like about it? I thought it was a sloppy attempt to implement Civilization 2, and kind of lacked the depth as well?
        Edit: genuine question, not trying to sound judgy.

      • Deewin

        For me, this is a premium quality game worth the premium price. The replay value and hours spent on this game will be worth it alone. It's games like this that make up for the landfill of garbage 99 cent apps out there that play worse than a tiger electronics game (which I actually found to be a lot of fun back in the day lol).

  • worldcitizen1919

    Its on the Australian App Store also but at a whopping $18.99!!! No IAP which is great. Goes on my list to buy.

  • RinoaHeartily

    Finally!!!! Some of us waited more than 12 hours for this!!!

    • JoeriD

      Well, that's about 5000 B.C. through 3000 A.C.

  • sivad

    All I need is this, and monster hunter to release and I will stay inside all holiday weekend 🙂

    • thejbe

      So want Monster Hunter. I'm really unsure as to why CAPCOM would be holding onto this game since E3. Makes no sense.

  • NOEN

    FYI, I just noticed it's already out in the US AppStore, so I'm guessing it's out worldwide now?

  • PoloBaquerizoH

    Insta buy, worldwide already available,every Sid meier's piece of art is just worth

    • Brian E

      It isn't Sid Meier, it's a Chinese company licensing the Civilization brand.

  • Papa Deuce

    Before I get excited,I am waiting for real reviews. I love Civ, but $15 is a lot for me to pay for a game for my mini.

    • Jake7905

      I have to agree, $15 for an IOS game is fine, as long as the game delivers. So it'd be wise to read some feedback before insta-buying.

  • Snav

    Dang it I was so excited to get this but my balance is 15.54 just barely not enough to buy it.... Dang tax

    • marcanthony0313

      Um, there's no tax on the App Store...

      • CooleTeeps

        Yes there is

      • the_rebel14

        There is. In the US App Store, a .99c purchase will charge you $1.07 with tax.

      • ZarieoZ

        There isn't, my receipt email only shows 0.99$

      • visualplayer

        You're both right, and I'm not kidding. Depending on how and where you buy your applications, there might be tax, or there might not. I purchase applications with gift cards because those don't seem to have tax applied. Maybe because someone else paid taxes on the gift cards, but there it is. Anyone know the answer?

      • the_rebel14

        I don't know where you guys are, but if I buy a $15 gift card at a store I get charged $15 without tax because I'm basically trading a currency for a currency. However, on the US App Store, I'm charged .08 cents in tax on a .99 cent item (this is normal as tax in US is .0825%). I agree, Visualplayer. It probably is both. Good thinking!

      • the_rebel14

        Where are you located? (country or region wise, not state or street please)

  • jarland

    Not once have I made an App Store impulse buy over $10.

    Until tonight.

  • jayfisch

    The first Civ Rev is one of the best and most epic strategy games yet on the App Store but once you play it more than a few times you start to notice some big flaws. I'm mostly just hoping for the AI civs to actually attack each other and not just all gang up on you. That would be worth way more than $15

  • E5cape

    Wow. What a perfect morning!

  • TokyoDan

    Is this a Universal app or do you have to run ot at x2 on iPads?

    • hourglass

      Well, it does say universal.

  • TokyoDan

    BTW. It is 1500 yen here in Japan. That's about 15USD.

  • DMan2385

    Been playing this game for the last 3 hours and LOVE IT! It's amazing how deep it is and how smooth it plays on my iPhone 4S. It's basically a FULL Civilization game IN YOUR POCKET! And the best part.... NO IAP AND F2P CRAP!!! 😀

    Anyways, if there ever was "premium" game to download with no F2P gimmicks... this would be the one!

  • Adrián Graña

    Out worldwide! 13,99€

  • riChchestMat

    Screenshot: "Liberate America from British rule!" Topical but not making me instabuy here in the UK. Might get it later though. Perhaps I'm being over sensitive as the people involved on both sides are long since dead. I think it's the "liberate" word. For balance there should be a scenario where settlers "liberate" the notice population.
    Not meaning to get political. I just think it's dumb marketing. But hey everyone has the right to be offended and everyone else has the right to offend.
    It's early and I haven't had my coffee.

    • Gabriel.Voyager

      But please take it easy!
      It' sa game, whit a scenario where the use of the word liberty is the manifesto of the american revolution.

  • mutts

    Nice a new civ game. I do hope it is better then the 1st.
    Although that one was not to bad, it was no where near it's big brother.
    And had very simple gameplay. Judging by the screens it looks just the same, with new graphics. Will wait for some user reviews before forking out $13 for a graphics update. I do not mind paying a premium price, but this one I have my doubts.

  • Kirs

    A Lite version is in order!

  • visualplayer

    This looks similar to the desktop civ iv or civ v? Thoughts? I see more leaders in some screenshots.

  • rewind

    This game looked cool, but then I saw the price. Not cool.

  • MacGreggles

    Wish they had put their efforts into the new XCOM game rather than a very expensive graphics update to a game that's been done...

  • Dman

    Just a little bit of an update: After playing this game for several hours I can firmly state that this is one of the best sims for iOS / mobile!

    The one thing that I would add is internet iCloud Saves. Would be great to be able to go from my iPhone 4S to my iPad and have my game progress saved so I don't have to start over.

  • BoonyTuesday

    Can anyone tell me how this is better than the original? They promote better graphics, more units and tech, but what about AI? It just looks like an updated version of the original to me.

  • mutts

    So it is bacicly an UI and graphic update for 10 euro's more than Civ 1.
    I call that an ripoff.

  • BoonyTuesday

    JFK was a poor addition to this game compared to all of our past presidents. He was a terrible president.