Disco Zoo's [Free] 1.2 update is now live, and it now features animals wearing hats. It's possible to buy a variety of hats and put them on the animals, though they'll also occasionally steal them from visitors. There's balls But the real meat of this update is in the new areas to explore.

Disco Zoo Update 2 Disco Zoo Update 1

There's a new City section for those who have explored all the way up to the Ice Age, featuring six new animals to collect. A zoo full of squirrels? Sure, why not. There's also new space misssions, with a rocket that can go to the moon to collect lunar creatures. What creatures live on the moon? That's a good question. You'll just have to find out for yourself.

  • thiagovscoelho

    that's such a neat title I keep looking at it again

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        And yet he spent all her money to afford beach balls to all animals in Disco Zoo.

  • Oranje

    You need moonbux to go to the moon each time, and the only way to get moonbux is if you rescue the animals requested and send them to space first. It's getting a little tedious.

  • sweetdiss

    There's balls

  • Wiggles

    Come on everybody, time to get back on the funky bus!

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  • gust0208

    Is there an option to restore a prior save? I deleted the game a bit ago, but interested in the moon creatures!

  • http://supergamedroid.com/ SGDjames

    I'm quite excited that this update has finally gone live! I was hooked on it up until I ran out of things to do. New content is greatly appreciated 😀

  • vicsark

    Very impressive update.
    I had almost written off the game after the last update, that while nice, didn't add anything new aside from some animals.
    This one adds two whole new areas with their own animals, decor and music.
    And more importantly a lot of new of new mechanics with the space launch that uses a new secondary currency, which is pretty easy to get and adds a purpose to continue playing once you unlocked the trophies.

    They also added 2 fun cosmetic cash/bux sinks (hats and balls). 🙂

    All in all, it adds a lot of balance in the game and more replayability.

    I just now wish that a game changing update like this one could come to Pocket Planes (hear hear) 😀

  • nilly2323

    Are balls and hats purely cosmetic. I did the math and discovered that Diamond Balls and Bowler Hats for all my animals will cost ~97M. I love the new update and couldn't go to sleep without erring the new update the dat it came out. Payed off. Got to 31st if it total animals (15th without hackers). They really do need to mod the leader boards better though. When the top 16 people have hacked onto the board something needs to change.