In a recent interview with, Paradox Interactive CEO and all around awesome guy Fredrik Wester talked about his plans for the future of the company. Stepping back a bit, if you're not familiar with Paradox, the type of games they make they describe as "grand strategy." How grand are these strategy games? Well, just skip through this video "introduction" to their latest release, Europa Universalis IV to get an idea of what kind of games Paradox makes:

Now, they've released both Magicka [$3.99] and Leviathan Warships [$1.99 (HD)], but neither are as grand as the Europa Universalis series. That sounds like it could be changing as Paradox Interactive grows. Here's what Wester had to say about it:

"...I actually want to dip our toes more into mobile. The grand strategy games will fit really well there. I think there's a huge demand for hardcore games on touchscreen devices. Every time I fly over the Atlantic I look for a game to play. There are plenty of great match-three games, but I can only play them for five minutes, not five hours straight. That's the type of game we want to bring to mobile, not the games you play on your commute, but five or seven hour experiences."

He's right, too. Europa Universalis IV is a fantastic game, but when I play it, I feel the same way as I do about most slow paced but highly strategic games on my PC: I wish I was playing on my iPad, sitting on my couch instead. I mean, the iPad is basically the definitive way to play FTL [$9.99 (HD)], so it'd make sense that something similar to Europa Universalis would be equally amazing on a big ol' touchscreen.


  • TigerBoat

    Yes! More grand strategy, please!

  • HungarianUrinalCakes

    Port EU2 to the iPhone and I'd be in bliss.

    • Clyde Crashcup


  • hourglass

    It looks interesting, but both Magicka and Leviathan Warships didn't impress me, or many people on the App Store. We'll just have to see, I guess.

  • jesse_dylan

    What we need is Crusader Kings II in an ipad version.

  • armilla

    Always had an interest in their catalog but am not much of a PC gamer; BRING IT ON—

  • decius46

    I been addicted to the hearts of iron series for a decade. An iPad version would finish me. Europa universalis would do the same. Looking forwards to it! Please don't' simplify it to much.

  • volcanopele

    As someone who would love to see more in-depth strategy games on iPad, this makes me so happy. I would love to see their full sweep of games on iPad, though EUIV probably needs the least work to the interface to support tablets. I would love to see CKII and Vicky 2 as well, though those might take a bit more work. But as long as they can maintain the depth and just adjust the interface to be more suitable for touch screens, I would love it.

  • mezmorki

    I was using team viewer (remote desktop app) to play Alpha Centauri on my ipad. It was gloriously awesome despite the lag. I really want to see more serious civ and 4x games on the ipad. Turn based strategy games are perfect for the ipad, there needs to be more!

  • Lex

    Yes, please!!! EU4 on iOS would be pure awesomeness! On my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Mini 🙂