Chaotic Box's dEXTRIS [Free] is being updated to version 1.1, and we have the first details and screens of what to expect. The big new addition is color themes: seven new color schemes have been added in to help spruce up the look of the game, with the icon being updated for one of the new themes.

To unlock these themes, missions will need to be completed. Additionally, there's new stat-tracking to see things like how long you've played and how many spikes you've passed. The game's been tracking these in the background since launch, but will only now be visible. As well, other fixes and tweaks to make the game play better have been added.

Dextris1point1_hellscape Dextris1point1_1978

The update has been submitted to Apple, and should be available in early July, approval process willing.

  • Jerutix

    Oooh. Looks like it's time to put this back on my iPhone!

    • Kane

      Why is this app OFF your phone in the first place?

      • Jerutix

        My bad.... Also, I'm a rabid app deleter, so I usually only have 12 or so games on my phone at all times.

      • witedahlia

        Me too. Unlike you though, I don't only keep 12 games. I'm the greedy sort who has so many games I often HAVE to delete something. But yeah, those colors - looks like I'll be reinstalling this one as well!

  • paulkane

    Never got into the 100 club, but maybe 1.1 will be the answer...sounds like a great update!

    • Kane

      Hehe I'm in the 100 club, more specifically - 116

      • paulkane

        Of course my evil twin would! Nice guys always finish last...

      • ZarieoZ

        Woah I'm enjoying what's going on here guys, been enjoying it for some time now. lol keep it up 🙂

  • nadav bar kama

    good news! great game and to see it evolve is AOK!