They ventured into outer space, starred in their own cartoon series, and even wrestled with the idea of Go-Kart racing, but now our favorite feathery icons have left their physics puzzling roots behind and nose-dived into an all new medium. Sticking with the all-familiar theme, (involving birds, pigs, and the ever iconic eggs), the feathered flock have found themselves yet again in the midst of an all-out war, and in the form of a cute strategic RPG nonetheless. Angry Birds Epic [Free] is, underneath it all, a game with familiar role-playing mechanics, but a far cry from the norm; there’s no princess to rescue or the customary “chosen one”, nor are their side-quests to unlock or towns to explore. No, Angry Birds Epic is a non-stop consecutive procession of turn-based fights that are selected from a slightly linear (and rather Mario-esque) map.

Combat starts off fairly simple; you drag a bird to the target in order to attack, and tap on the enemy to trigger a defense move. Dragging one ally to another will in turn buff their stats, and there’s also a hot chilli pepper (yeah, what?) that involves some kind of crazy special move.


As you advance, you’ll rescue and retrieve more feathered friends along the way, each one with its own variety of hardcore stats and special attacks hidden behind those feathery forms. Though the game seems fairly straightforward, there’s a lot of depth to discover underneath each layer. This includes an extensive bestiary of bad piggies to fight who each have their very own tactics, and a whole variety of typical RPG-like elements to uncover in-game, such as crafting new weapons, using loot to brew potions and swapping headgear to switch to a completely new class.

The battles can be a little repetitive after a while, no word of a lie, but the fights are enjoyable for the most part. More entertaining than most RPGs is the ability to switch between a variety of attacks and spells in order to defeat the baddies. Once the game opens up a little and you finally have a crew of badass birdies to kick some butt, it certainly becomes more entertaining and less tiresome.


Daily rewards such as the golden pig will keep you coming back for more goodies, alongside additional bonuses in the form of a roulette wheel whenever you defeat some enemies and complete a mission. Coins can take a hell of a long time to accumulate so those who tend to like things to move a little faster than the norm will probably submit to purchasing more via the dedicated store, especially further down the line when the game opens up some. The game will become more challenging as you advance, and so IAP gradually becomes more necessary as you continue.

Unfortunately, though the game is altogether an enjoyable experience, the incessant nagging to part with your pennies can get a little grating after some time. One aspect that Angry Birds doesn’t fall short on is how much the game relies on monetisation and how often it will nag you to dig deeper into those pockets. You can spend money on potions to resurrect birds, buy special items (such as the Golden Chilli) and pay to re-spin the roulette wheel, perhaps resulting in bigger and better items and goodies.

As the game progresses, it definitely becomes more challenging, and enemies will become much harder to defeat. It’s easy to complain that grinding isn’t fun, but if you’re familiar with the typical RPG genre, this is something that has been a huge contributor since the early years.

Perhaps those who are not really familiar with the genre will struggle a little to get to grips with it, and there’s not really a huge deal to offer fans of the brilliantly acclaimed physical puzzler, but Angry Birds Epic is a joy to play if you like a unique and rather weighty in-depth challenge. There’s a whole host of content unique to the game and overall, the cartoony visuals are beautifully polished and eye-pleasingly delightful.

Angry Birds Epic is for the most part enjoyable, but it’s let down considerably by its endless IAPs and continual nagging.That said, it’s a great introduction to the RPG mechanics for those who want to dip their toes in a little and try something new.

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  • cofunguy

    Actually you can drag to another bird to do a defensive move on such bird.

    • BoonyTuesday

      Sounds inappropriate.

  • Apricosomoso

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    • Apricosomoso

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    • Eli Hodapp

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      • nicoper

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    • BoonyTuesday

      How do you know all this stuff about Eli?

      • Pray For Death

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      • Apricosomoso

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  • dancj

    I have this game a good hour of my time before deciding it was just a bit too tedious.

    On the bright side, my 12 year old son loves it.

  • torosama

    Actually the gameplay doesn't get boring boring because each area the enemies change along with their abilities. Yes it gets more challenging but isn't that how every game is?

    As for coins, I have never spent a penny as I downloaded it months ago off the New Zealand store and couldn't spend anything and I have multiple epic items just from doing the daily pig to get 3 gold coins and I saved up at least 120 coins like twice. The biggest spin is 20 and fills up the bar a lot for a guaranteed epic item.

    My only problem with this game was the friend part. I didn't have any friends playing so I could never ever unlock the special areas requiring 5 friends to help. Games that require friends or Facebook are STUPID! That was my only complaint on a game that I expected to suck and didn't at all.

  • spader623

    My problem is how, in the beginning at least, it was sooooo 'go here, kill this with this equipment, WAIT, you have to craft these potions now. Hey, games tough, buy some stuff. It's just not open enough to give me my own strategies, and it's too challenging unless your A. Lucky or B. Do it EXACTLY like the game wants. That's just my experience but it's crap to me because of it.

    • torosama

      I rarely use a potion and I'm lvl 25. There are potions and consumables you can use and craft but as you unlock more armor through play you get multiple options for healing and damage over time or large quick direct damage. People that make comments like yours obviously didn't play past the first mini dungeon.

  • Slothwerks

    Fun game initially, but quickly gets extremely grindy. I got to a point while on the pirate ship levels, that I needed potions to beat most levels, but to craft potions, had to go back and grind earlier levels to get crafting mats.

    I also found the various currencies somewhat confusing, as tends to be the case with most f2p games (silver coins, gold coins, and crystals). It's hard to really understand what the value of each item is, if I should be preserving it, etc... I'm kind of a cynic, but I think this is deliberate, because it makes it difficult to figure out the actual dollar value of the consumables that you're supposed to buy.

    It's worth trying, because it has really great production values, and the core mechanics are quite satisfying. Just be prepared for a long grind, after the first couple dozen levels.

    • Cilo

      I had the same experience. Wasn't worth the time to grind out all the mats, or maybe I'm just too old for these type of grinding time wasters.

      It's also not much fun when you get to the last stage of a level only to realize you have the wrong class equipped on your red bird and can't kill pigs with invulnerable shields that take zero damage above or below a certain amount. Those were the times when I said screw it not worth another play through.

      • Slothwerks

        Agreed, although it's funny, because I have no problem with other grindy games on other platforms (eg: WoW). It's something about the way grinding is implemented on a lot of f2p games that rubs me the wrong way. I think it has to do with the fact that I don't like replaying old levels, whereas in WoW, the grind is more linear (eg: moving from zone to zone, always doing something new)

      • theundertow

        That's the biggest problem I have (besides the IAP) - they designed it in a way that you can get stuck on the last wave of a 5 wave battle because you don't have the right bird to beat a boss.

        I like the strategy behind it, but I shouldn't have to spend a half hour to get to said boss, only to find out I had the wrong hat on or something.

    • Fade to Slack

      I haven't used any potions other than the one the game forced me to use. I saved up Gold Coins from the daily bonus, bought the Golden Chili when it was reduced, and use the white bird for consistent healing.

      • Ubisububi

        And somewhere, right now, there's a gamer enjoying every moment of his game instead of working to outsmart it, just because he was willing to drop a few $$ up front for a game that doesn't seek to shake him by his ankles until all the money falls out of his pockets.

      • dancj

        Just a sec...

        Are you saying that it's a bad thing to use good tactics in a game?

      • dancj

        Never mind. I just reread your post. You're talking about the joy of premium games not freemium ones.

      • Fade to Slack

        So, did you play the game, or are you just making broad generalizations?

        This wasn't outsmarting the game. It was using the systems in place properly. My daughter isn't having troubles with it, either, and she's 9.

        There are awful free-to-play games out there that constantly screw over their players in the sake of monetization. This isn't one of those games.

  • Galenmereth

    "Angry Birds Epic is for the most part enjoyable, but it’s let down considerably by its endless IAPs and continual nagging."

    3.5/5 stars.

    • Ubisububi

      In other words, it's a fairly typical F2P game.

  • BlueCrush

    Funny that this review failed to mention on the requirement for a constant internet connection? Been disconnected from the game for a few times due to dodgy reception while commuting.

    • dancj

      It's possible the reviewer just didn't notice.

  • ryan.w

    Completed it already lol

  • smiley_u

    This game ramps up difficulty in pretty BS fashion. I'm doing the 3rd egg and the Wizpig boss is simply a F2P slap in the face. Either spend time to grind out the mats to a) craft a significant amount of potions or b) get lucky with your item rolls (3 stars).

    I agree that this game does require strategy, I was proud of my accomplishment when I got
    to Wizpig (he is at the end of a 6 wave run) but when my birds got literally one shotted by him, I couldn't hold-my-thumb-to-make-it-wiggle-and-press-X-on-the-corner fast enough.

    My last comment to the publisher Rovio - "don't be evil."

    • torosama

      I was trying to reply not like. If you are getting 1 shot it is because you don't know how to play. Try using your tank to defend the bird he is going to attack.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Glad TA gave it that score. It's just about right.

  • B-Rabbit

    I don't know exactly how much grinding for mats/pots will be required over the long haul, but honestly I don't mind that nearly as much as I do the arbitrary energy requirements so many F2P games employ. Talk about hitting the squiggly X.... At least I feel like I can play when and for as long as I want to. Plus the game looks great. :). Oh and I managed to nab the Golden Chili at half off yesterday so that's a nice boost to every fight.

  • waspeon

    I disagree with the IAP and grinding remark... This game requires strategy. I am level 14 now and I didn't use any potion except the required one in tutorial, and I still have 100 unused gold coins. No real money spent. And I don't grind.

    Basically the first run in each stage, you identify the enemy type, and if you lose, you can change the birds and the hats accordingly. Every stage can be won if you use the "correct" skill.

    Forget about grinding for ingredients, you don't need to make weapons. Just spend the free gold coins on piggie roll. The items from the roll are far better than the items you can forge.

    Save silver coins for new hats, and get all the hats.

    The game's interface however needs improvement. It is troublesome to change the bird's hats, I have to click through a few buttons and wait for the afew loading screens. Tedious for a game that requires constant change of hats.

  • Adams Immersive

    Seems like a missed opportunity: this could/should have been an RPG that makes use of Angry Birds' actual slingshot mechanism. Which is the whole point of the AB series so far. Oh, well. If I want a deep game with slingshot mechanics, I can always play the Squids series!

  • Thomas

    I agree, it is another IAP machine..

  • Graysmith

    I don't understand the "continual nagging" complaint. I've finished the main story and am working my way through the caves, and I haven't noticed any nagging by the game to spend real money on it. Yeah, it'll tell you if you try to buy something and you don't have the coins/etc. but that's not nagging. At no point, as far as I can remember, has the game displayed annoying pop-ups asking me to make any purchases. Did the reviewer even play this game?

    There are several things about this game that drag the score down (mainly the social side), but I didn't find the IAP part of the game to be an annoyance as far as free-to-play games go.

  • disqus_WqNEZM7omD

    FUCK THIS GAME. I can't even connect to the internet using this even though I'm already connected.

  • Vael Victus

    I haven't yet seen a review that talks about the endgame: how intriguing it can be, but more how terribly grindy and unrewarding it can be as well. It offers no new mechanics and very little in the way of new challenge, meanwhile politely telling you to put the game itself down, and rendering your useful birds down to two at all times.

Angry Birds Epic RPG Reviewed by Lucy Ingram on . Rating: 3.5