Phosphor Games of Horn [$1.99] fame has revealed their upcoming 2D MOBA, WARP. An acronym for "Warriors of the Red Planet", this will have 3-on-3 online battle with gameplay that mixes in platforming aspects with the standard MOBA formula of attacking bases and customizing character loadouts.

With the 2D gameplay, it sounds a lot like the formula of Ronimo Games' Awesomenauts, what with the variety of characters and robots that serve as the creeps. Of course, Awesomenauts is a great game, and not yet on mobile, so this could fill an interesting niche. DeNA will be publishing the game, so expect this to be free-to-play, but then again, Zynga published Horn and it was paid, so who knows.

  • spader623

    I think it'll be free to play, since a ton of MOBA's are and it seems to be working fine... But, if it has some sort of 'grind to unlock so and so character' then that, for me, is a HELL NO. I don't want to spend my time on some characters I don't like, just to get one I do. I'm looking at you heroes of night and magic. That said, I liked awesomenauts, so I'm very hopeful for this.

  • Kevin MacLeod

    DeNA has a very mixed track record with how fair their F2P games are.
    Phosphor games has a pretty mixed track record as well, for that matter. I remember when they pulled the rug out from under all the people who paid for Dark Meadow by turning the existing app into a freemium game with timers and currencies, rather than just launching a second version.

    I'm not optimistic about this one, but hey, you never know.

    • Dan

      There was a second version of Dark Meadow which was F2P, and the original one stayed premium, so I'm not really sure what your complaint is.

      • Eli Hodapp

        If I recall correctly, wasn't the only difference between the free to play and "premium" versions that you got a bucket of in-game currency if you bought the game?

      • Dan

        You could also purchase and upgrade all items using ingame currency and turn off ads.

      • Eli Hodapp

        That's a pretty generous definition of "premium" if you have to jump through hoops to do things like turn off ads.

      • Dan

        Ok, but I was specifically addressing the OP claim that there weren't two versions.

      • Kevin MacLeod

        They actually "fixed" it to the version it ended up being. There were timers, energy, all that stuff. And they currency they gave the premium customers completely threw off the balance of the game.

        One minute you were playing a well balanced game you paid for, the next you had an overabundance of money to buy health and weapons, and still had to sit through timers. It destroyed the experience.

        I'm probably sounding like a bit of a hypocrite criticizing the way this game worked out here, while defending Godfire in the forum, but the difference to me is the way Dark Meadow was bait-and-switched. They should put their business model up there, let the customers decide if that model is worth it, but don't pull the rug out from under them after you take their money.

        I have nothing in the world against them launching the second Freemium version, though.

  • PureRumble

    This isn't 2D. It's... 1D! Back and then forth, along a straight line. See, 1D! Sure there seems to be an occasional platform here and there you can jump on, but its still 1D!

    When I read the title I thought it would feature the game seen from above, like on a map or something...

    • Edwin Ramirez

      As soon as you jump on a platform, you got another D 😀

  • JoeriD

    I wish 'Solstice Arena' got more support. Especially from the dev/publishers. That is a MOBA gem, with so much potential, left for dead.

  • littlejob

    Any updates on the development for iOS?