Madgarden, fine purveyor of iOS games such as Chillaxian [$1.99], FlapThulhu [Free] , and Hodappy Bird [Free], has a new, swiftly-developed, game in the works: Arecibo Man. Like many of Madgarden's games, this one is inspired by retro games, in particular Robotron and Berzerk, featuring dual-stick shooting with tons of stylish glitch-style effects through a variety of levels. Check out some footage of the game:

The game's still in development, but the plan is for the game to release on PC and iOS soon, with both portrait and landscape orientation support planned, with sounds generated by the bytebeat synth. And lots of exploding pixels.

  • drlemon

    I love the bytebeat stuff!

    Paul we need more noise-toys from you!

    • Paul Pridham

      I'd love to do more noyztoyz... once the plate is clear and I have more time to play, I will.

      • drlemon

        This is EXCITING!

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  • nonen

    Nice "Michael Brough aesthetic" there.

    • Paul Pridham

      I know total ripoff rite?

      • nonen

        Total ripoff? Don't know about that, but I've never really seen another game that reminds me of his "style" if it can be called a style. This one kind of does.

  • JudahJames

    Looks fun but it's no Smash TV.

  • jin choung

    whoa... mind blown - all of our dual stick shooters owe their mechanics to robotron! never put that together till now. damn... that's one helluva legacy.

  • BaltimoreDave

    That looks awesome!

  • paulkane

    Ohhhhhh Robotron...I remember watching kids play it in the arcade and being mesmerized by the swarms of craziness happening everywhere. I think I played it a couple of times but couldn't figure out the dual sticks enough to be any good at it, so I'd go back to the comfort of Ms. Pacman. I did however enjoy Berzerk on the Atari! Watch listed!

  • Silent Rocco

    Directly had to play the amazing Minotron again. But woah, this even looks and sounds better. I'm a sucker for this kind of game. Could become a new fav, I see that.

  • thiagovscoelho

    reminds me of Berzerk, maybe? looks real cool

  • JCho133

    What's gonna happen to Rouge-bot?

  • JCho133

    What's gonna happen to rogue-bot?

    • Paul Pridham

      I'll probably finish it at some point.

  • tommet

    So... Sword of Fargoal II is taking a backseat. Again. If I'd kickstarted that I'd probably be pretty ticked.

  • appfreak

    Jeff Minter meets the One Man Left logo

  • lazrhog

    Awesome. My type of game. The game jeff minter wishes he wrote ! Looks like a brilliant evolution of robotron :)))))

  • looter

    It is VERY similar to robontron in graphics and controls but do yourself a favor and play Space Dungeon, the format of the game i think lends itself more to that title. They both have multiple rooms and you arnt required to kill all the enemies in space dungeon unlike robotron (i think, been a while)