Infinity Blade III [$6.99] is getting a new competitive Aegis Tournaments mode this Tuesday. Chair Entertainment shared some details with us about what to expect from this mode.


The Aegis Tournaments tie in to the ClashMobs, being asynchronous challenges, but instead of assisting the global population, players will be competing for high scores against the Infinity Blade 3 player base. Competitions will be tiered, with players who score highly going on to the next tier, and able to win powerful and rare items that will be handed out only through Aegis Tournaments. The first tournament launches this Tuesday, and the game is on sale for $2.99 in anticipation of the mode's launch.

  • C. Stubb

    Well, time to re-install IB3...

    • RelientKSoCal

      I concur. I had stopped playing for a while, but with the last update, and now the new tournaments, I'll have to delete some old games to make space for IB3 again.
      BTW, anyone who happens to not have this game and is on the fence, grab it now while it's on sale. I picked it up at launch for full price, and it's worth every penny.
      Also this game is pretty much the main reason I'm now an Imagine Dragons fan, haha.

  • AngryBaby

    This may be an ignorant question, BUT... has Chair done anything else since IB debuted back in like 2009? If not, I certainly would like to see another IP from them. Lots of talent and creativity for sure, but for me - the gameplay hasn't changed enough over the past two versions to keep me interested.

    • Boris Nguetie

      No they haven't... at least not on ios. and same here, i love IB! its an incredible game and i've enjoyed all the 3 but this same gameplay is not enough to keep me entertained for 4 years. i'm waiting for a new IP as well as i think i'm done with IB!

      • DanteIX

        Right? I also found it weird that a guy from Chair made a presentation during Apple's WWDC. Plus they even cancelled there 3rd person game.

    • Dman

      That's like saying Bungie, the Halo creators, haven't released anything new since Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, were all first-person shooters.

      Get over yourself. They have added, literally a
      metric TON of additions to the game, that have made the game more fresh and enjoyable all the while keeping the same great touch base formula play that makes Infinity Blade so fantastic!

      • Emotive

        Bungie has a vast catalogue of gaming IPs where Chair doesn't.

      • Themostunclean

        No need to be a tool about it. He was simply curious.

  • Dman

    Sounds epic. This will be a fun mode to play!

  • mikochu

    I wish Chair would make a new Shadow Complex. Hell! Just port the 360 version to iOS and add MFi controller support.

  • Opinion

    Competitive swiping? Lol

    • loox

      Vs. Competitive button pushing for other multiplayer titles?

      What a silly thing to post.