Continuing the crazy controller news, we managed to track down a prototype unit of the Steelseries Stratus XL. Just as we expected, it feels great in your hands and feels way more substantial than the tiny Stratus. Since it isn't a working unit, there's not much to say regarding how it functions, but, it's still neat seeing it in real life.

The Steelseries Stratus XL is launching later this year, and while they aren't discussing a price yet, they said it wouldn't be more expensive than the Stratus on the market now.

  • Cilo

    Loving the matte on that! Shame it didn't come rechargeable, was the original Steelseries really that cramped in size?

    • Kevin MacLeod

      It was pretty cramped, yeah - otherwise quite good.

      While this isn't rechargeable, it does run on AA batteries. Apple themselves sell an excellent set of rechargeable AA batteries.

      • Cilo

        Do you own the original? Would be nice if it saw a price drop once the XL comes out.

    • DMan2385

      Wow I'm surprised you guys are saying that it's cramped. From the looks of it, it looks like a full-size, no compromised controller. Even Jared in the video was commenting about how substantial it feels.

      • lll Anubis lll

        I believe there was a previous version of the controller. Seeing as this one is called XL, I'm assuming the one you saw in the video is the bigger one. I'm honestly just guessing though.

      • Cilo

        Reread my comment and you might understand what I was asking about.

      • DMan2385

        My bad, I thought you were talking about the controller being tested. But yes, this is a "full-size" controller and not the "travel-size" of the first SteelSeries.

  • DMan2385

    Now THIS is the type of controller I would be willing to spend $100 to $80 on!!! I mean, this type of controller exudes top-notch quality and construction. *drool*

  • ChubbyPig

    Could anyone give me a good explanation on why the iPad 3 is incompatible with MFI controllers? Has anyone tried using one of these controllers on this device, would really like a controller but don't really want to upgrade. Thanks