Hori might not be a name you're familiar with if you're not in the fighting game scene, but the make some pretty amazing fight sticks and now apparently are getting in to the MFi controller market. Like the Stratus XL, this is a non-functional demo unit, but it still feels great in the hands:

Details on this are ultra-vague, but we're hoping to connect with Hori after E3 and get some more specifics from whoever is responsible for their iOS controllers.

  • DMan2385

    OMG What a dizzying amount of controllers!!! Hopefully all this experimentation will lead to some quality choices of controllers in the near future.

  • falco

    In search of the stradivarius for a controller, we only want the best. Hahaha kidding

  • speedyph


  • 5hift

    You better compile a list of all the best controllers seen on E3. I'm not going through all these videos again.

    • SoyGreen

      Yes please! Or maybe a chart comparing them all and what devices they are compatible with.

      Especially iPad 2 - if any!

    • Dman

      I'm sure they will compile a list when all these things get released and they can actually do a legit review of these controllers.