One Man Left was working on more DLC for Tilt to Live 2 [$2.99] after the Brimstone Pinball expansion. However, it apparently the scope of the new DLC grew and expanded into something so big that they had to put it into its own game: Tilt to Live: Gauntlet's Revenge.

Tilt To Live Gauntlet's Revenge

This is a reimagining of the Gauntlet mode from the original Tilt to Live [$2.99 / Free / Free (HD)], where the goal is to avoid deadly traps, rather than destroying dots. One Man Left hopes to dramatically improve on that original mode by adding in lots more variety in levels and enemies, bonus rooms and more. The mode is still in the works, but it sounds promising. Gauntlet's Revenge will be available as a separate app from Tilt to Live 2.

  • PallaZ

    Great news!

  • darnoc703

    Yes!! That mode has always been my fav!

  • CkX82

    Fucking balls, why a separate app? Do these developers not know the fun of organization? I dont want my screen full of tilt to live apps. Also, im not putting it in a tilt to live folder cause i already have a games folder. Ill pay another fucking dollar extra to have it as and expansion to ttl 2. Also, why hasnt this app been optimized for ios7, im sick of looking at the old ugly ass keyboard. Gas prices are too fucking high also.

    • nini

      Kids need to be getting off your lawn too.

      • CkX82

        What lawn ? I have two DDR arcade machines next to each other and a piece of cardboard as a roof , thats my home. Don't judge, you dont know me.

      • CkX82

        They font turn off either . I havent slept in 4 fucking days

      • CkX82


  • CkX82

    Im actually really bummed its a separate app, shit man