Hidden away in the corner of the massive Square Enix booth was Hitman Sniper. If you were bummed that the last Hitman game wasn't Hitman-y enough for you, this one will more than do the trick. It's sort of a blend of Where's Waldo books and a sniper game, in that you need to search for your target, take shots, and try not to raise suspicion.

It seems really promising, but as mentioned in the video, they only have one level available to demo so it's hard to get an idea of how cool the mechanics play out through the rest of the game. Either way, Hitman Sniper will be released as a free to play game later this year.

  • epik5

    Ubisoft? Hitman? What?

    • epik5

      There we go, title changed back to square enix

    • iValerio1990

      free to play.

  • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

    Yeah this looks decent

  • speedyph


  • Der-Kleine

    looks cool, but tapping the center of the screen to shoot sounds kind of dumb.

  • Speedster117

    This looks cool!

  • DMan2385

    This looks pretty cool. Can't wait for TA to review this

  • curtneedsaride

    Looks cool, and if it was premium I'd get it without hesitation. But I'll probably wait for the review from you guys since it's F2P. Does the guy who narrated your whole experience come as an IAP in the game?!?

  • apolloa

    A bit daft you fire by tapping the middle of the screen? Otherwise isn't it just a contract killer copy?

  • M M

    Looks slick but the actual shooting of the gun looks like it would be really awkward.

  • Ryan Noh

    Looks pointless...especially as a mobile app.
    Now what would be a good app? One that links to your mobile's camera, picks out random people that it tracks, and makes them the target to shoot at (in the game, of course)

    Nothing could possibly go wrong with that!

  • Blair Davis

    I played the hell out of sniper challenge when it first came out. I just this game isn't poorly executed due to free to play.