Gameloft was showing a bunch of games off at E3 this year, two of which were lane-based runners. The easiest way to describe Asphalt Overdrive is an "endless driver," which you'll see in the video. It's cool that they've adapted Asphalt to this format, but, does the world need another endless [fill in the blank]?

Gameloft is releasing Asphalt Overdrive as a free to play game later this year.

  • PresidentZer0

    We needed another runner!!!

    • Poo

      No we don't.

      • nini

        Or do we? Haven't we enough Rougelikes?

      • AppStoreNinja No, we don't.

      • Boris Nguetie

        anyway gameloft is gonna give us the game we deserve... not the game we need!!

      • videba

        Yea so exited for this, cant get enough of these endless runners. My hat Goes off to these creative masterminds over at gameloft. I can already imagine it: a room full of game developers thinking about their next big hit. The smell of sweat in the air and then suddenly someone shouts "AN ENDLESS RUNNER BUT WITH CARS"' euphoria overwhelms them. Everybody stands up and claps, 1 man calls his wife with teary eyes planning to move to Hawaii with the money from his bonus.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Wait until you see an endless runner but with Spiderman. πŸ˜‰

      • anarchy in the app store

        That post

        Gave me cancer

      • MaqueGenio

        Holy Shit. That is the most disturbing post i've come across in awhile. I love it

      • Krazy Kirby

        Erm, didnt beach buggy blitz already do an endless car runner?

    • the_rebel14

      Have you been on the App Store recently?

  • Twister

    Where is MODERN COMBAT 5??

    • B30

      Maybe, they are remodeling it into an endless runner?

  • AppStoreNinja

    Asphalt 8 is basically an endless runner already, because endlessly is how long you'll have to play it before you can afford all the cars you need to beat all the races, and yeah you either have to pay for those cars with cash or spend the rest of your life laying it to get enough game bud to afford them. Still, not a bad game.

    • Eli Hodapp

      My brain just rebooted.

  • epik5

    With asphalt 7 graphics and a runner type of gameplay... I pass

  • JoeriD

    Wow, you get to go left and right!

  • Kofiaa

    A FTP Endless runner with cars + the car did a barrel roll!

    Just what we all needed

  • Jhrisado

    Yea....I look forward to purchasing that game

  • iValerio1990

    Iron Man Overdrive

  • apolloa

    I like the looks of this one, perhaps because it's an easy to play game that looks as good as Asphalt 8 does?

  • DannyTheElite

    I want this...

  • ra51

    I shall pass.