Among the games being shown off on the Chillingo side of E3 was Mech, a, as you can probably guess, mech-based shooter. It reminded us a lot of iMech from back in the day, and I could see it being pretty rad in an arena filled with 8 people. Sadly, it doesn't demo too well when it's just two people bumbling around, but you can get the idea:

Mech is still in development and should be released later this year.

  • Based Xatu

    So chillingo is owned by EA, and this game looks like it has timers and dual currencies. So PvP (the game) will most likely be unbalanced and pay to win?

    • iValerio1990

      chillingo owned by ea ? really ?

      • Kevin MacLeod

        Chillingo is owned by EA, and has stated that they no longer publish games without freemium mechanics.

  • Jhrisado


  • falco

    Its Mech Assault for ios i'm a little surprised because chillingo always make mini games with ea agreement that want all your information before you can play it.