It's been a few months, so it feels like it's about time for another Kairosoft game, yeah? If you're thinking "yes!" then I've got some good news: Kairosoft released Pocket Harvest [$4.99] for iOS today. The game has been available on Android since last year, and as I'm sure you can gather from the title alone, Pocket Harvest is Kairosoft's take on a farming sim. But, unlike some of the more unsavory farming games out there, this one doesn't have any form of in-app purchase. Just farming with that signature Kairosoft style.

pocketharvest pocketharvest1

So far, impressions in our forums are positive, with one member even stating "It's sort of like a combination of all my favorite Kairosoft games - it's got elements of Hot Springs Story, Pocket Stables, and Dungeon Village." That sounds pretty cool to me, since as much as I love Kairosoft games they do tend to feel a bit samey to one another. If you're in the market for a new sim and enjoy Kairosoft games, check out Pocket Harvest.

  • Morphzeus

    I have Hot Springs Story, Dungeon Village and Mega Mall Story played on my Android. Now I've been waiting forever for a sale to get me to buy Mega Mall Story for iOS. Because I do not want to pay a second time the full price. But now I wonder, should I buy this new game and it is better than Mega Mall?

    • Datte


    • witedahlia

      I actually prefer this one to Mega Mall! I say go for this one.

    • ramon31

      Thats one hell of a word salad!

    • Design by Adrian

      Is it better? It's more akin to Dungeon Village, so can't compare.

      If you like Kairosoft games, I'd recommend Sushi Story which seems to be more similar to this (but sushi is more fun), and Beastie Bay.

    • cozmic0

      yes. IMO this is way better than mega mall.... in fact even I think The Pyraplex to be better than mega mall.

  • PallaZ

    I'm waiting for ages for Game Dev Story 2.
    As much as I like those Kairosoft games, after like 11 of their games I'm getting sick of it. Too repetitive.
    I do recommend Game Dev Story, Grand Prix, and Dungeon Village nonetheless.

    • Zach Inglis

      The latest Magazine Mogul is closer to the GDS experience.

      The three I'm looking forward to are:
      * Game Dev Story 2
      * The one where you play an illustrator (?) rising the ranks. You play as the person.
      * Game Dealer Story - where you are a Game Shop

      But I suspect Game Dev Story 2 will come when the wells have truly dried up.

      • cozmic0

        agreed. Magazine Mogul feels like an improved GDS, and to me that's a very good thing.

  • kirby83

    kairosoft should add achievements in all of their games. just like they did with game dev story, it was perfect!

  • Superjimtendo

    I wonder why Android has so many more Kairosoft games than iOS? I would love to see Magazine Mogul, Kairobotica, Pocket League Story 2, and The Pyraplex on the iphone. Magazine Mogul is especially awesome and in the vein of Game Dev Story.

    • keshi0

      WHAT!? Magazine mogul sounds awesome! I had no idea there were way more titles on android 🙁

    • cozmic0

      magazine mogul was just released 2 weeks ago. Give it time....

  • Boopero

    This game has been out for Android since October last year. Most of the reviews said it was pretty blah for Kairosoft.

    Magazine Mogul looks very much like Game Developer Story. I'm buying it now. I'm not sure why iOS is so far behind Android on getting these games.

    The closest game to Mega Mall Story is The Pyraplex.

    My fave Kairosoft games are: Game Developer Story, Grand Prix Story, Pocket League 1 & 2, Mega Mall Story, Epic Astro Story, Cafe Nipponica, Beastie Bay.

    • Design by Adrian

      Game Dev Story definitely set the bar!

      I'll have to test Cafe Nipponica. Sushi Spinnary was fun, but I somehow got tired of it.

  • Boopero

    Sushi Spinnery and Cafe Nipponica are very similar. If you got bored with one, you might get bored with the other.

    Been playing Magazine Mogul all day. It's basically Game Developer Story with some new added layers. Instead of making a game, you are doing magazine stories. It adds Scouting Trips which play just like quests in Dungeon Village. It also adds the Town Council where you can run promotions for the city and invite businesses to set up shop in town. Better town = more residents & advertisers = more subscriptions and income. Otherwise, it is a reskinned GDS. Very fun. Knowing Kairosoft, it might hit iOS is 6 months or so. Or maybe not...

  • Матт Реякіпѕ

    This game looks disappointing in comparison to World Cruise Story, Mega Mall Story, Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story. And once Kairosoft updates more of their games for the new iOS screen sizes I'll buy Grand Prix Story, Oh Edo Towns, Pocket Academy, and Dungeon Village.