If it seems like you’ve seen Micronytes Directors Cut [$0.99] somewhere before, you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. Previously available for Android, the game is a 2D platformer that was released way back in 2011 for Xperia Play. Unfortunately, it was sloppy, a little ugly in all the wrong places, and infuriatingly difficult for the most part. On the bright side, it’s been redesigned, reconstructed and re-released for iOS devices, and it certainly looks like a completely different game indeed.

If you’ve ever seen Innerspace, you’ll probably pretend to know what the inside of a human body looks like. However, in Micronytes Directors Cut, you’ll be dealing with podgy antibodies called “Micronytes” of whom you will take control of in order to destroy an evil gooey virus. Though it’s not a subject that may interest everyone, it’s tastefully represented with a cute and quirky visuals and a very light-hearted take on the theme. Fans of Super Meat Boy may feel at home with this one, just because it feels like it handles quite similarly, and likewise, the controls are solid and responsive.

The game plays in the vein of a platformer, where you’ll jump left and right and tactfully try to avoid the various hazards scattered throughout each “level.” For example, falling from a great height will result in instantaneous death, as will running into a variety of deadly obstacles. Although the underlying basics are fairly simple, to get the highest score it also requires you locating and retrieving a hidden pill, and beating the level in the best time possible. There’s no time limit, persay, it’s more just an additional mechanic to keep you returning way after you’ve completed the 80 or so levels the game has to offer.

Sure, the game is accessible, not painfully frustrating, and a grand dose of entertainment for a few hours, but there’s nothing really here that contends with other similar games in the genre that really set it apart. Overall, there’s plenty of fun to be had, and some glorious HD graphics that compliment the iPad Air very well, but the gameplay doesn’t add anything new to the mix. The verdict? It may not be anything spectacular, but Micronytes Director's Cut certainly keep you entertained for a good wee while.

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