LWYWyfmIn case you didn't see it when it was released, Leo's Fortune [$4.99] is one hell of a game. We loved it in our review, but of course we did- It's from the guys who did Dark Nebula [$0.99] and Devil's Attorney [$2.99]. It's safe to say anything they make is going to be awesome.

Anyway, we basically never post about contests, but this one seems pretty awesome and paired up with an awesome game, it might be something you want to think about doing. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Make sure you are logged into Game Center while playing Leo’s Fortune.
  2. Beat Leo’s Fortune to unlock Hardcore Mode. Then beat Hardcore Mode.
  3. Take a picture of yourself showing the device screen on which you beat Hardcore Mode, clearly showing the secret you unlock at the end of Hardcore Mode.
  4. Email the picture and your Gamecenter ID to contest@leosfortune.com.

Doing this will get your name listed in the "Hardcore Players Club" in the game's credits and put you in the running for some pretty great prizes. Among the people who beat the hardcore mode, one will get an iPad mini and two will get $100 gift cards. Considering, apparently, the fact that no one has beat the hardcore mode yet… I feel like the pool of people they'll be drawing from will be pretty small.

Sadly, you need to be over 18 and a US resident to quality per the full official rules, but we've got a thread in our forums where people are talking about the contest. Hopefully someone from TouchArcade wins, as we've got our hardcore gamer street cred' on the line here.

  • Based Xatu

    I didn't know this was a hardcore gaming site.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Hopefully we can turn this comment thread in to a pedantic argument of what constitutes a "hardcore" gamer, as those are always fun.

      • Thawkk

        I'll start us off.

        The games I like playing make me a hardcore gamer, the games you like playing make you a filthy casual.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Yeah well I'm playing Words With Friends while skydiving. They cancel out to mid-core.

      • BoonyTuesday

        If you can't wait for your feet to touch the ground before playing another game of "Words with Friends," that's pretty hardcore.

    • Siveon

      No, it's a mobile game site. And this is mobile game news.

      I usually love nit-picking, but this is just stupid.

    • BoonyTuesday

      It's all relative.

      Hardcore is anyone that devotes an excessive amount of time and effort to an activity or an activity that requires an excessive amount of time and effort to do.

      The key word is "excessive." You can be a hardcore badminton player, if that's all you do with your time.

      • jdog90000

        I dunno, when I see someone spending an excessive amount of time playing FarmVille I don't think "hardcore" I think more, misinformed or "really should spend their time doing anything else".

      • Swood

        "Hardcore is anyone that devotes an excessive amount of time and effort to an activity or an activity that requires an excessive amount of time and effort to do."

        That is a tautology amigo. You only need to say it once

      • BoonyTuesday

        I used the same words but they don't have the exact same meaning, hence why I clarified the two. Part of the sentence refers to a person and the other to the activity itself.

        Example: You can be a "hardcore" baseball player, yet baseball may not be considered "hardcore."

    • Spaztika

      I feel like the whole "hardcore" gamer stuff is silly. It all depends on how you enjoy your games. Some people love challenging themselves and when they don't find something challenging enough, they up the ante. Others enjoy experiencing the art and beauty of a game and immerse themselves in it. That doesn't make them any less of a gamer. Also, some people just play for mindless entertainment. That also doesn't make them any less of a gamer. I feel like people use the term "hardcore gamer" to boost their ego or have a sense of entitlement. Ah, well.. On a related note, this challenge sounds awesome!

  • Bewi

    Unlocking the hardcore mode is a tough challenge to begin with. Beating the hardcore mode will be really, really hard.

    • rseller1

      Yeah, I can't imagine playing through start to finish without dying a single time. It is a challenging game with long levels, and even getting through a single level without dying is no easy task.

  • kimeh

    Does Puerto Rico count? XD

  • JCho133

    What makes the hardcore mode "hardcore?"

    • http://www.playfulwingmen.com/ Playful Wingmen

      Finish 20 levels without dying. Try it, and fail with delight.

      • JCho133


    • http://twitter.com/nickzas zazzer

      In order to beat it, you must complete the game in a single playthrough without dying.

      I'd say that's pretty hardcore. No need to turn the difficulty up, because that makes the game much, much more difficult in itself.

  • tsargeant3012

    Sadly only open to US residents... oh well, might try and do it just to get my name in the credits!

  • Anotherkellydown

    Thanks for posting, Eli!

  • bcredonk

    Super excited about this, really cool challenge / reward from the devs. I have a feeling this will boost downloads nicely.

  • collider

    I'll admit to being less than 'core here. I haven't made it past level 2 in hardcore mode. Crazy, but that still puts me at 900/8600. I feel bad for the folks that made it to level 16 and 15. They'll need a new iPad when they throw their current one against the wall.
    Still love everything about this game. Really we'll put together.

  • ineptidude

    I would need to know if you can close the app in hardcore mode and come back to where you left off