The game that started the gorgeous swipe-to-sword fight empire, Infinity Blade [$5.99] is once again on sale for a buck. It's not the first time its on sale, or even the cheapest it's been (It went free for a brief time), but if you've missed the game before on the cheap, here's your chance.

Infinity Blade has aged particularly well for a 3D game, largely because it was so far ahead of its time when it was released. Devices as powerful as the new iPads and/or iPhones weren't even imaginable when the game first hit. So, if you've got a device that's anywhere near recent, this game is going to look awesome at a high framerate and still play as great as ever.

  • mzinn

    I recently went back & played all 3 and fell back in love with them. No need to use IAP. Just grind a little bit more & you can get through & finish all 3 games. I cant say enough about how great these games are. Gameplay, sound, & graphics are wonderful. Grab this gem & have a blast!

    • Juroku

      And get the books

      • bcredonk

        I was surprised at how good the book I read in the series was, I think Sanderson wrote it? Pretty enjoyable.

    • dancj

      I did really enjoy IB 1 and 2 - but I did feel I hit a paywall in IB1. I reached a point where I couldn't afford any of the weapons - and without buying weapons you can't level up, so my only option was to grind for ages to get the money for the weapons.

      I didn't have the problem with IB 2 which is just better in every way.

      I must get around to trying IB3 - but I think I'll hold out until I have an iPad Air. It'll be wasted on my old iPad 3.

    • Stormourner

      not just only grinding because I also sell the weapons & gems to get expensive weapons

      • dancj

        Ah yes - I always sold a weapon once I'd got all of the experience I could from it and could afford a better one anyway.

        I don't think there were gems in IB 1 though.

      • Stormourner

        if I get the same weapons, shields and rings I simply sell them

        oh I forgot there are no gems in IB 1 lol!!!

  • bcredonk

    Awesome game, probably my first 'hard core' ios game

  • serjical

    Got ib1 and 2 for free, lololoolollol

    • London-SV


    • Eli Hodapp

      LMAO good one dude.

    • defunct32

      Lol! I'm surprised nobody has jumped on you yet for being a cheapskate. 😛

    • Kane


  • CooleTeeps

    Are they ever gonna add support for iPhone 5 screens?

  • Earth Vs. Me

    I replayed IB1 just a few weeks ago, and I actually think it really shows its age. The textures look pretty dated, and the pre-iPhone 5 aspect ratio is a major eyesore.

    If you haven't played an Infinity Blade game before, I'd have to suggest skipping IB1 and going straight to 2. You really aren't missing much.

  • Ahmed90

    We never did get the dungeons version. So much heartbreak ;(

  • doublezz

    Infinity blade 1: great.
    Infinity blade 2: epic
    Infinity blade 3: fail