Frogmind's Badland [$0.99] made flapping cool before Flappy Bird took the world by storm earlier this year, and since its release in April of 2013 it's been updated numerous times adding all sort of great new content. Today Badland received yet another new update adding a pack of ten new levels, but this time Frogmind is trying something a bit different: The new level pack is a 99¢ in-app purchase. Previously, all new levels have been part of free updates, but I actually applaud this new paid approach. Badland felt worth far more than its asking price even upon release, so now more than a year later it feels right to be giving them a little something for new content.

The new level pack, in keeping with the "Day" theme of the game, is called Doomsday, and with good reason: These ten new levels are hard as nails. You don't even have to throw down your buck to get a taste of them, however, as the first three levels are free to try out. The new level pack also comes with thirty new missions and four new achievements. Here's a quick teaser video showing off the new Doomsday levels.

I'm sure I sound like a broken record after saying this in many previous posts about Badland, but it really is an outstanding title, and if you haven't tried it out yet you really should. It's beautiful, works perfectly as a touchscreen game, has tons of content for the asking price (not even counting the new DLC), and is a very satisfyingly challenging game. Frogmind appear to be nervous on how the paid level pack will be received, but many of Badland's true fans have been asking for some time now for ways to throw more money in their direction, and since new levels take plenty of time and effort to create, this seems like the perfect way to do so. So check out the new update and at least give the three free levels a try, and if you're into them, I have no hesitation recommending you spring for the full Doomsday experience.

  • sakara214ever

    Agree. This is the iap type i have no problem with. Having a truly outstanding game at such a low price with so many free updates throught the last year and the putting and update like this and asking for 0.99$ is so clever. And it keeps the devs making real life money. AND you try before you buy. Dunno but i have a feeling that the devs maybe working on something new? A new game? Anyway great update will buy later tonight.

  • Jake7905

    Badland + $1 DLC= Instabuy

  • cloudpuff

    There's been so many great updates recently it feels like I've got a load of new games.
    Badland is one of the first ever games I got when I bought my iPad back in June last year, I had no idea about iPad gaming and I googled something like free iPad games and badland came up. Must have been a promotion or something, it's one of my favourite games and getting it free felt criminal so I've gifted it to a couple of friends and as soon as I saw the dlc I bought. Ill happy pay a million times for extra content, esp for games such as this.

    • dancj

      If it makes you feel better, it was only free as part of the big 5 (IIRC) years of the he App Store celebration. I believe that Apple actually paid the developers of the apps in this promotion.

  • cowtruck123

    And yet people on the AppStore reviews are already complaining about a whole dollar... Well worth it imo considering it's had free updates for a year and is such a fantastic game...

    • Jake7905

      I was just reading those App Store reviews, what a shameful display of ignorance and misplaced anger. That's why my gaming decision's are never determined by App Store reviews.

  • dancj

    I've got no issues with them adding a paid level pack after already having added so many levels for free.

    I do have a bit of an issue with the fact that they've chosen the $1/£1/€1 pricing tier that punishes non-Americans rather than the perfectly fair $1/£0.69/€? pricing tier.

    • greatnoob

      I'm pretty sure pricing is dependent on Apple. The devs only choose the price tier for their content.