It's the spring of 2014, and by now, you're probably thinking you've sliced everything you could possibly ever slice on your iOS device. Well, Bonsai Slice may not have you slicing new things, but the way you do it is definitely different. Take a look at the trailer:

Instead of swiping, you slice stuff by treating your iOS device as a sword, tilting and actively standing up and spinning around to change your view of the in-game world. We tried it at GDC, and it's pretty neat. You don't see too many games these days using the gyroscope for anything other than FPS controls, so it's neat to see it in use here.

'Bonsai Slice' will be launching this week, along with the rest of the iOS games that'll hit tomorrow night at 11:00 PM Eastern.

  • CkX82

    *smacks against the coffee table*

  • Eric Higgins-Freese

    A game my kids will never be allowed to play. Swinging a $400 machine around frantically? What do these developers work of a repair shop?

  • bcredonk

    Looks really well done, not exactly for those with butter fingers though lol

  • Boris Nguetie

    nope...don't wanna break my ipad!

  • nadav bar kama

    "did you just through my ipad through the window?" "sorry, i was just playing this new slice game ...."

  • MachineJXD

    Sweet a new type of game,can't wait

  • Stormourner

    such a unique game. it would be embarrassing if the ipad slips off from their fingers and flies toward the people's faces

  • GaZ-OiD

    iPad insurance comes as an IAP, thanks but no thanks. My iPad Air is not a toy or a flying saucer


    • Stormourner

      it's so sad because people are paranoid over IAPs

      • GaZ-OiD

        In this case it was supposed to be a joke 🙂

  • Tommi Zhihao Yu

    i see a future similar to what wii has done to households.. broken tv's, lamps, coffee mugs,, faces, noses,, its gonna be scary...

  • TheGodless

    Looks awesome. No grip strength or what? The video doesn't show them having to frantically wave the device. It looks more like Tilt to Live style tilt controls and not some fishing rod casting game or someone using their iDevice as a hammer.

    • Stormourner

      at least they can use ipad grip case

  • rawhide

    This is one game I won't be playing in public for more reasons than one.

  • korkidog

    I think I'll skip this one. Don't want to take a chance of breaking my iDevice while flailing it around.

  • AJShadowz

    What if like the devs have a deal with apple to make this game where countless people break their idevices from swinging them around all the time and apple cashes in on all the replacement purchases? Lol jus wondering.

    • JoeriD

      What if like.. you know... aliens!!

  • miroa

    The game to play in a crowded train or bus. At least, it does give a legitimate way to hit people.

  • rewind

    Well I'll enjoy this.... in an empty, carpeted room with nobody watching.

  • Tobias Holmes

    Doesn't look like it should be a tablet game but it's a great idea.

  • mutts

    Great devs reinventing the wheel.
    No thanks!