This story just popped up on our radar, and it's pretty rad to see Blizzard trying to shift Hearthstone [Free] from a game you play in your basement wearing your pajamas to a game that you go somewhere to play with other people. (Optionally still wearing your pajamas, if Magic events are any indication.) Blizzard is calling them a "Fireside Gathering" and the first big one will be held next Saturday, April 26th. They've got a directory of venues up on their site, which is a little limited right now, but considering they only just announced this, I expect there will be many more in short order.

Playing locally using the "Player Near Me" function either on or after April 26th with at least three people on or after the 26th will reward this super-slick card back for your cards in game:


The easiest way to get it is probably going to be finding an event, or meeting up with your friends yourself assuming you know three people with Hearthstone who can all get together in one place. According to Blizzard, here's exactly what you'll need to do-

This card back can be obtained by playing three matches against another player on the same network using the following criteria:

  • At least three people (including yourself) must be logged into Hearthstone on the same subnet.
  • Each match must be played against a player that is playing on the same subnet as you.
  • These matches can be played against your friends or using the Player Near Me feature, as long as the above two criteria are met.

They're not saying when this promotion is going to end, but if you care about fancy limited edition cosmetic things in Blizzard games, you'll probably want to carve out some time next weekend to play some Hearthstone in the real world. Personally, I'm excited to see what else they do with the Hearthstone iPad game and in-person play. This is opening some really cool doors to "fix" the problems virtual CCG's have compared to paper CCG's in that the in-person social aspect is totally non-existent.

Consider me intrigued.

  • anarchy in the app store

    No iPhone support...


    Why mang ;(

    • xx99

      Blizzard has already announced that iPhone and Android are their next targets.

    • mclifford82

      And by "support" you mean completely rewriting the game and how you interface with it. Just be glad they said they're going to do it man, then don your patience pants

  • coolpepper43

    Omg, something cool to do in my boring ass state!

  • B1GW1G

    Or just invite everybody over to my basement... With my pajamas and Cheetos

  • Slothwerks

    This is a really neat idea! First I've heard of a virtual CCG prioritizing real-life interaction and meet-ups. Should help to foster a better/stronger community overall.

  • elia

    We wan iphone we wan iphone

  • Amenbrother

    Feeling social? No.

    • sinlimite

      some people like getting out of mom's basement every once in a while.

  • mclifford82

    Any TouchArcade users in Portland, OR wanna get a Gathering going? If I can't get one going I'll just use all the iPads in my house to spoof it and get the card back, but I'd rather meet other HS players.

    • Opinion

      I'd probably travel down to portland for a gathering

  • Opinion

    Bring it to the Olympia, Washington area!

  • coolpepper43

    Ass test

  • Buzzit

    Get the gdam iphone version built already !

  • Ultima12

    This is awesome!! I'm going to see if I can get in on this.