If someone had said to me that I would enjoy playing an economical game of micromanagement prior to Game Dev Story I would have laughed. The mere notion of such a thing would be preposterous. Now about ten Kairosoft games later they have become an obsessions. Few companies have managed to make their games instabuys the day they are released.

There isn’t that much new to find in World Cruise Story [$4.99], as every new game is more of a tweak to the formula changing some aspects. You have to manage a cruise ship, as your company discover new destinations and improve on the size and facilities of the ship. Most of the time is spent waiting in the early hours of the game where you have to balance expanding with more cabins and items while also researching. Resources are limited, and you can paint yourself fully into the red within the first five minutes if you don’t slow down. There is no point building more facilities than you have occupants.

World Cruise Story 3

Beside micromanaging the layout of the ship you also make crucial decisions on the route of travel. Depending on how well tourism, and industry have been developed you can get a lot more travellers with more money to spend. There are quite a few decisions to make in this game, and at times it can become hard to know what to focus on. Does the ship need an expansion, or is it better to research a carpet that boosts the aura of passengers? As with all Kairosoft games there are a lot of tips and tricks to be found in different forums, but I prefer to build a realistic ship instead of something that maximizes the bonuses from facilities. That of course reflects on my mundane score in the end. And yes the game ends at year 16, and some bonuses are carried over to a new game if you want to improve your score.

Learning the combo system found in the game is always exciting in my opinion. A combo can boost the stats of nearby facilites, and most of these are quite easy to understand. Another important aspect to get lucrative business is where you place your facilites. Cabins placed with a view over the ocean are more popular than those placed in the middle of the ship. At times you just have to consider what you would prefer yourself on your holidays.

World Cruise Story 2

World Cruise Story might not be the best simulation game from Kairosoft, but it is highly enjoyable once it gets going. There is a lot of initial wait until the power of market economics kicks in and you start to earn some money. I would have liked to be able to use the faster speed option from the start, but as usual it unlocks once you completed the game. If you have been a fan of the other games definitely consider getting World Cruise Story. That is if you haven’t already since it has been out on Android for ages.

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  • AKLT

    Nice to see them releasing the more exciting games.

    Not a fan of the fairly pricey prices now though.

    • JC85


      • nini

        How does "lower price point" instantly mean free? Do you repeatedly get swindled out of money because you seem naive.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        To be fair, it does seem pretty insane to consider a $5 game to be "pricey," especially with how deep and long Kairosoft games are. But, hey, race to the bottom and all.

      • mclifford82

        Post removed because you won't give a shit anyway.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp


      • JC85

        No, but im getting kinda tired of all the price comments when a game costs more than 89 cents. Forgive my sarcasm.

      • CkX82

        iOS gamers can act like spoiled brats, not realizing how good we got it. If 5 dollars is too much perhaps another hobby like window licking should suit just fine.

      • mclifford82

        Spoiled brats vs judgmental pricks. Fight.

      • MrAlbum

        TO THE DEATH!!!!!

      • CkX82

        Did you just say something about wanting my prick ? What would you call people who cry about $1-5 games loaded with content. I bet you're the "i'll wait till it drops from 99 cents to free" guy. I betcha I betcha

      • mclifford82

        You could just go through my post history to see that I'm the "Can't wait to pay $17 for Final Fantasy or $4 for Monument Valley" kind of guy. Also bought Ocean Horn for $10 based off screenshots alone. But okay.

    • Dubdubdubdub

      I totally agree that mobile games should increase prices instead of descending into the bottomless pit of freeware. I'm all for paying for quality.
      That said, I think AKLT's post isn't so crazy. Kairosoft has been releasing a stream of games that are just too similar - this shouldn't be supported any more than freemiums. In my opinion, these games are not worth $5. I'm one of those guys who loved GDS, but kept getting disappointed.

      • orangecan

        I think the price is very fair considering the amount of gameplay in their games, but I must admit I'm starting to get a fair bit of déjà vu with them to the point where I buy them mostly when they're on sale simply because I'm not as excited by them as I used to be.

    • theundertow

      Not to join the chorus (ok I will) but $5 for a full game is pricey?

      I've enjoyed the hell out of it - maybe $100 worth of IAP worth compared to the many "free" games I play (or $60 console games collecting dust).

World Cruise Story Reviewed by Torbjörn Kämblad on . Rating: 4