For better or for worse, Hitman Go left everyone surprised when it was announced in February that the next Hitman game was going to be a mobile title. We knew there were plans to bring the Hitman universe to our pockets but we never expected a totally new puzzle game.


Using a really neat “diorama” art-style, you move Agent 47 across a board in order to take down your enemies and complete the mission. You have multiple ways of attaining your goal and to give it a more familiar setting, you can even use the classic weapons of the series like the Silverballers. It sneakily Soft-launched in Australia at the end of March, it has now been revealed that the worldwide launch is expected on April 17 for $4.99. It comes with 68 levels with more to come after release. It even contains a mission from Blood Money called “Curtains Down”. If you want to see some “killer” footage of the game just go to our forum thread here which is packed with it.

  • jdog90000

    It looks adorable

  • Ramaz1234

    Nice!! It's like Zelda

    • Pandabunny


  • Eseres

    Can't wait for this one 😀 Im so exited! I just can't hide it! WOOHOO!!!!

    • ODMay

      Sarcastic much?

      • Eseres

        Actually not 😛 I've been wanting a mobile version of Hitman for a looong time. Though, that doesn't hide the fact that this might turn out to be a piece of crap 😛 But I'll give it a chance, as I've done with a lot of games lately 🙂 I just pray that it won't be filled with energy bars and waiting stuff though 😛 I guess we'll just have to wait and see. So far I haven't seen any gameplay yet 😛

  • ODMay

    Um.. no.

  • curtneedsaride

    So far, this is the only level I've seen from it... I'll definitely be waiting for impressions before diving in. Not going to throw my money at it unless there's some seriously good reviews.

  • bigjack66

    Watched a video. Looks really sucky! Give this a misss!

    • Brown Cow

      A WHOOOOOLE video? That ought'a do it!

  • Aventador

    Art is nice, but real Hitman port would have been way better.

    • Eseres

      Yeah! Considering that they have managed to do games like Deus Ex: The Fall and other games, I see no reason why it shouldn't be possible to make a Hitman game for mobile devices more down the line of the PC and consol versions... I guess this is just an attempt of trying something new 😛 This consept is okey though, but it would probably fit better for something else than Hitman 😛 But then again, that could be just my opinion. I've just learned to enjoy simpler games lately, instead of the action packed and story driven games 😛

      • SwithNova

        Then your standards on today's games is terrible and don't get me started on deus ex got it day one beat it in under 3 hours on top of that it's 699 for an unfinished game of which still in the year after it's release no up date with the complete story equals waist of MONEY but anyways this looks way to simplistic easy and boring will Ovid this totally smart people will do the same

  • HarryWarden

    Why couldn't they have done a port of any one of the games? This looks terrible and is overpriced for something so simplistic.

  • icepulse

    They should have aped the "Metal Gear: Ac!d" gameplay. Then, I'd pay for it. The gameplay on this looks painfully dull. The aesthetic is amazing though.

  • Jake7905

    It's premium built and not released yet, so I'll hold out on making rash judgements based on a gameplay video. The only thing I learned about this game so far, is that it would be wise to wait for impressions/reviews.

  • flashbackflip

    Looks really interesting! And i like 'scale model' style

    Also - lots of hilarious comments in forum post. Naive and arrogant haters 'HATE the softlaunch games 'coz they make them feel excluded' LMAO they obviously too lazy to know that any country itunes account can be made in 2 minutes