Junk Jack X [$4.99] is one of the best examples of a Minecraft-like sandbox game that's tailored perfectly to mobile devices. You can explore, battle, craft, build… basically do a near-infinite amount of cool things as you create your own adventure in the tiny world of Junk Jack. According to a post by developer Pixbits in our forums, you'll soon be able to do all those awesome things with an adorable pet companion at your side. Check out the teaser screen they posted showing some of these cute little buggers.


In regards the new pets, Pixbits states "You will be able to capture and place them in your trinket slot to summon them, they'll follow you wherever you go. You will be able to find different breeds and keep them in kennels or cat houses!" They also hint that this is the initial foundation of a pet mechanic, and it could lead to more involved pet mechanics down the line. They also tease that there's "More news coming soon!" and as any Junk Jack fan can tell you, Pixbits are phenomenal about adding new content to their games.

When we get more information regarding pets or anything else planned for Junk Jack X, we'll let you know.

  • DaFatCookie


  • TwelveFoot

    Eez so fluffay!

  • Vicente Ragal


  • TwelveFoot

    Seriously though, looks pretty great. Bunnies, and a pet zombie, and a kitten?

  • spader623

    Oh my god. I havnt even gotten better then a silver pick ax. There's so much todo. And pets? Wowzers. This game is sooooo worth the $5. Just wish I was more creative.

    • anabolicMike

      Really? I got shelves all over my castles full of mythril equipment. Gemmed stuff and the like. I spent hours on this. I love this game. I bought it and terraria. Thought terraria was crap. I was wrong it's awesome too. Best two games ever. I don't even know which of the two to pick as best now! Haha

      • spader623

        I just need to dig deeper, make better armor, just play more. And honestly, terraria is better to me, BUT, for mobile, junk jack X is a great alternative, and it's not at all a bad game. It's just more... Minecraft like I guess, while terraria is a bit more absurd, crazy. You get jetpacks, cool lazer guns, you fight a skeleton head with arms. So I prefer that type, but I still like junk jack X a lot. Oh btw, does anyone use multiplayer anymore?

  • nicoper

    Will this game ever go free? I really want to play it but I dont want to buy apps since, well actually my only reason is that I have "challenged" myself not to do so and see how it goes 😛

    • jeja

      Nah, it won't go free.

      • nicoper

        Thats what we all thought about cut the rope too, turned out it went free 3 years after release so I got it

      • flashbackflip

        Lol you are really ready to wait 3-5 years to play a good game, but you are 'forbidding' yourself to buy it? That's quite epic

    • Xissoric

      If I remember correctly the original Junk Jack never went on for free, so sucks for you.

    • spader623

      I highly highly HIGHLY doubt it, since it's been $5 for the whole time it's been out. If anything, there'd be a sale.

    • Mike

      That's a pretty dumb challenge if you're trying to enjoy quality apps.

    • Broli95

      I always respect everyone's opinions but.... What a stupid challenge :/

      • pixel_girl

        Id on't thunk it'll go free since it is such an amazing game and it did take them a lot of time to make it. The only thing that will happen will probably be sale or something suck for you :/

    • JohnnyTheFive

      I respect the challenge. Maybe widen your scope such that if you get an iTunes gift card for $5, you're allowed to buy this game, since it has to be used on something, anyway? (Then be really obvious about someone gifting you some iTunes dough...)

    • pinpoint007

      Why would you challenge yourself to this? Skip the next value meal, beer, or whatever and buy the game if you want to play it. If you want it enough, you will find the cash.

    • Rogue Calypso

      I hope not. It is well worth the money and then some.

  • johnpc121

    Well this is interesting news... Somehow Junk Jack got boring though took so much time and thinking to organize those chests. Now I gotta look after pets... I hope they don't starve easy. hehe

  • riChchestMat

    Ah it's Junk Jack Y

  • pixel_girl


  • wuzzyjr23

    I sugessted that by sending them a email glad to see they added it :3

    • DaFatCookie

      No, a lot of the junk jack forum members did since the game was released

      • wuzzyjr23

        Well yeah good point I mean if a game does not have pets people will be asking for them