News already hit that Hearhtstone: Heroes of Warcraft is available via a soft launch for the lucky residents (or iTunes account holders) of the New Zealand, Australian, and Canadian iTunes regions. We grabbed it today, and I was effortlessly able to log in and play the game with my US account. If you weren't watching the stream today, you missed me losing pretty bad in it:

It's hard to say when Hearthstone is going to have a proper worldwide iOS launch, but it's not hard to get an account in the regions it is available in if you want to jump the gun.

International App Store Link: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Free (iPad Only)

  • niceso

    so nice, already downloaded it πŸ™‚

  • lr1919

    Wish this was on the iphone too...

  • falco

    Finaly yes luckily i'm in the right region πŸ™‚

  • worldcitizen1919

    Great to be Australian!!

  • ste86uk

    Nice although I'm waiting for iPhone so maybe a long way off for me....I have been playing some on pc when I get a chance and I can tell you I'd be happy to be playing vs you in that game : )

    • res0

      So is this not coming out tonight in the USA?

      • Satan's Taint

        Did you even read anything other than the headline?

      • res0

        Since I do put troll the TA forums every day it wasn't sure if the title referred to the normal NZ early releases they review here which come out the same day, or if this was an exception.

        Feel free to be pissed off at someone else on the Internet now. Kthxbai.

  • jlpizzle

    Downloading from Canada! First international download. Woohoo!

  • Darnoc

    OMG i love your rammus hat

  • CofeyLuva

    When is USA version

  • RichRuzz

    Is it difficult to download cross region or is there a guide?

    • ste86uk

      There will be guides online, it's pretty simple to make a Canadian account or any account really. All you need is an email address you can register it to.

      • p1z3lz

        Every time I try to make a new account it asks for a credit card. : /

      • niceso

        before creating a new account( for exp Australien)u should do :
        - open itunes store from ipad
        -log out from ur current account if its not from soft launch region
        - go to the top charts menu
        - chose one of free games/ other app
        - chose install -> create a new account( apple id)
        - create pass/account name ( email)
        - chose in biling info -> none
        - done

  • DemoEvolved

    If you are on iPhone and looking for a similar game style that is worth playing, check out Solforge

  • Simon Edis

    I had to laugh - Eli yawning in the YouTube preview frame!

    • falco


  • Mandi

    Eli, I want your hat. Gimme.
    Also, this game is awesome, I had to go ahead and make myself a honorary Canadian today πŸ™‚
    (Seriously, where do I get that hat?!?)

  • ArthynX9

    You guys spelled hearthstone wrong in the first sentence.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Played it a while now and not wrapped in it. Just because it's made by Blizzard all the fanboys come out but the game in real terms is very ordinary, lacks single player and offline play with no adventure or story mode rather odd for a company that revels in adventuring. I would give it 5/10 as it is. Fanboys jumping up and down and getting all excited doesn't make the game any better. It's overhyped by blizzard fanboys but nothing special. If they add a campaign/single player offline with heaps of replayability I'd be giving it a higher score. But online always is the killer.

  • bilboad

    How hard is this game to learn for someone who has never played any collectible card game? Does the in-game tutorial assume familiarity with this type of game?

    The game sounds interesting, but I have no idea how to play these types of games. Watching Eli's twitch stream left me lost, since he played pretty quickly and kept referring to similarities with Magic, which gave me the impression that his previous experience playing Magic was why he understood the game. I also tried checking out the game guide on Blizzard's site, but again it was short and seemed to assume basic familiarity with this kind of game.

    • Keithustus

      I assure you that Hearthstone is MUCH MUCH easier to learn than Magic. There is a good tutorial and the single-player practice modes gradually unlock cards. So yes, start playing with any deck and it will be a gradual learning process just like anything else. Only after you've been playing for a little while will you really want to go in and muck around with redesigning your deck.