Amazon announced today their own streaming set top box called the Fire TV, a competitor to the Apple TV. It’s quite a beefy machine with a quad core CPU, a dedicated GPU and 2GB of ram. It runs on Android and will be available today for $99. As was expected, Amazon focused a lot on games at their unveiling event, and even showed a trailer featuring more than 12 games being made internally by Amazon Games Studios. The first one is Sev Zero, a third-person shooter that looks like a mash-up between Halo and Gears of Wars judging by the screenshots. The Fire TV will also have a version of Minecraft and Gameloft will bring Asphalt 8 to the platform.

In addition, Amazon has also made a dedicated gaming controller for the Fire TV for $40 that will come with a voucher that will give you some Amazon Coins. It sure seems like everyone wants to be under your TV nowadays and we’ll have to wait and see if Amazon can find success in this market. It'll also be very interesting to see where Apple goes with their Apple TV device, which we've anticipated for what feels like forever would eventually be updated with game playing functionality.

  • HansKaosu

    Now we wait for Apple to make a move.

    • Boris Nguetie

      yup! hope for once they won't disappoint us.

    • Poo

      Wait for another five years...

  • Xexist

    Apple dun goofed by not cornering this market when they had the chance.

    • mclifford82

      You mean like how they killed the portable music market quite a while after MP3 players came into existence?

      Also, try not to forget that before the iPhone, smartphone was being used to describe things like the Treo 650, etc.

      Apple is awesome at storming current markets with products that "just work" and people naturally gravitate towards.

      • Xexist

        Good points, but why take the harder route, stealing away business from other people when they could have taken the lions share without even a fight?

      • Satan's Taint

        With the exception of mp3 players, Apple did take the lead in phones and tablets, and lost them. They never had more than 20% of the market for PC's. This is no different.

  • Billy Ocean

    all that matters is how attractive amazon makes this platform to devs. literally make or break.

    • Jean-Claude Cottier

      I'm a mobile developer (iOS/Android...), and as the device is based around Android, if you have an Android game that runs with game controllers, it will run on this device with almost no work. My last game Animal Battle is actually using 2 controllers, so it will work on the FireTV. BTW, I've just made an update yesterday on the iOS version to support the MFi controllers (and also iCade). Should be out in few days. So, for me at least, this device is really attractive: almost no work to support it.

  • tranceforma

    Have to admit, for $99 this has a lot of scope. Amazon are really branching out.

    After all the rumours regarding the Apple TV relaunch with App Store support I sure hope it turns true, otherwise they could seriously lose any hope they had of being the go to set top box. Roku and others are killing the streaming market so apple really needs to use its App Store muscle to bring people in. I've skipped on any of these devices so far, but one that I could play all my iOS games on would make it a definitely buy.

  • vai_levar_no_cu

    as long as they have exclusive content. Lets see what apple does next

  • Szczelec29

    Where is Apple? Where are you apple and your game funding? You know those billions in cash piles you have stored somewhere in a vault? Time to bust out some of that and fund some studios or at least encourage pc developers to add cross compatibility to the Mac.

  • Jay G

    HA! The Gary Busey video on the voice search feature on Amazon is hilarious! Love that kooky old guy.

  • Szczelec29

    Oh and where is Nintendo in all of this? Is it time for a new competitor to step in ala sega in 2002? Where is Nintendo's funding for new studios, more game development, new ideas, and lowering the cost of the wiiu? Where is intends digital store offering announcements and gba games to finally hit the ads?

    • spader623

      So... How does Nintendo play a part in ANY of this? Please stay on topic. We don't want a argument over Nintendo and Amazon being better <.<

  • Alexythimia23

    It just seems to me android have it better in far too many respects then ios, how sad as im an ios user, sure we got a great app store but some of these things amazon should have pulled out the hat a long time ago.

  • MaqueGenio

    Is it possible the STB trend in a near future could pose a threat to $499 gaming consoles the same way smartphones destroyed the handheld market?

  • profhuggybear

    $99 price point is an impulse buy for average consumers. Who cares what hardcore gamers think. They already got their toys. Mom, dad, grandparents are going to swallow the $99 price tag a lot easier than a $4-500 ps4/xbone or even a cheaper wiiu. Amazon is positioning themselves to be a major player with this device. I'm all for competition. 🙂

    • appfreak

      This could make a very easy gift indeed of quick solution for someone looking for a set-top solution without much complication. The Amazon branding is also strong for average consumers and has reputation for content and streaming stuff I guess.

      As far as gaming goes, it's just a nice add-on to the TV service. Nothing too serious. Otherwise, go for an OUYA. But who would want that now?

      BTW... Steam boxes guys. Steam boxes.

      • Mike

        What's a steam box? 😛

  • nitzanwilnai

    Same cost as an iOS7 controller... crazy!

    I wonder if it will support HTML5 games as well since Amazon has been allowing them on their App Store recently.

    • Jean-Claude Cottier

      Yes, it will.

  • ImJPaul

    I have every toy I could want. Playstation, iPhone, ps vita, 3DS and an Alienware that's future proofed for the next 4-5 years. This looks cooler then at least half of the things I just mentioned. All those exclusives looked interesting and like a lot of fun. It looks like they're pumping out quality over quantity which will attract a lot of customers and 2 GB of RAM plus all the other goodies for $100?! This is unreal and a serious threat to all competition.

    • REkzkaRZ

      You'd better go BUY IT!!!
      Although I can't imagine that *ANYONE* needs all the crap you've already got! Do you ever go outside?
      Maybe you should make a max of 3-4 tech toys & give the rest away to charity?

  • FlappyJ

    Apple and Nintendo and other competitors in this market all have vastly different business models and less clout & capital than Amazon. Their responses to this will matter for folks who define their consumer choices through brand loyalty, but will largely be immaterial to the rest of us because they won't be priced competitively.

    There's no way Apple or Nintendo will release new hardware at a comparable price point.

    The paradigm shift begins with this. The transition from physical media for content will die off if this takes hold of the consumer market.

    • FlappyJ

      I'm not gonna get too high on it yet; it might flop. Consumers are fickle. But if this takes root, in 5 or 7 years we could be looking back at the days of going to a store to purchase new games the same way we look back at going to Blockbuster to rent movies.

    • REkzkaRZ

      Apple has less capital than Amazon?!?!

      Uh ... nope.

  • Eseres

    Man! That looked like alot of fun games! Forget about the TV thing. What games were in the video, are they released and if so, will I get them? Most likely if a little birdie told me their names 😛

  • ap3604

    Do game developers have to add the ability to use the game controller to their touchscreen games? Or does the game controller already work with all of the games on the amazon App Store automatically?

    If it does them WTH doesn't apple do the same thing with MFi controllers where they automatically work with every game?

    • Jean-Claude Cottier

      No, it doesn't work with a touch screen based game. The games need to support controllers. But the nice thing for devs is that any android game that support standard bluetooth controllers will work on the FireTV. In a very close future, you'll see many more mobile games also supporting controllers because the audience is getting bigger and I guess it will blow up even more once apple and google release their own device.

  • repapermunky

    Controller reminds a tiny bit of Onlive controllers, both universal and not. In any case I have Apple TV's and one Chrome TV, but something is making me want this now... I have a feeling it will be a success. Maybe more so than Ouya!

  • hourglass

    The new Apple TV will be released soonish.

    When that happens, Amazon's efforts will be forgotten.

    • JosephmWood

      I completely agree. Everyone blessed the Ouya as the Android console everyone wanted. It went no where. Developers make more money on iOS.

      Apple already has the set top box market cornered. They have the highest market share and they make over $1,000,000,000 a year already on it. 9 zeros.

      Don't know why people keep saying Apple 'had a chance'. They DO own the market here.

      When they wait a year and a half or more to update a product it means they are either going to kill it or have a major update. ATV will get a major update soon and everyone will forget about the Amamzon device.

      • Satan's Taint

        Yeah, like they owned the phone market-and lost it. Owned the tablet market-and lost it. And it never had the PC market-but keep drinking the kool aid.

      • Larry Fulkner

        What!!! Iphone and Ipad still top selling phone and tablet by far!!!!!!!

      • Mike

        They do not have the set top box market cornered.

    • Mike

      Apple TV has been around before Roku, and look at what's happened. Roku is much more enticing at this point if you're not tied down to iTunes.

      This Amazon box looks even better than Roku, and they're just getting started.

  • David Nguyen

    This is a fantastic looking device. I love voice search on my xbox one and it really makes things smoother and more streamlined. I hope this device lets you watch tv episodes in sequence because on the apple tv you have to manually tell the device to play a new episode when an old one is done. I've had Amazon prime video streaming since the beginning and now it really rivals Netflix in terms of content. It's a shame that you can't stream amazon prime content natively on Apple TV.

  • 21tigermike

    The real breakthrough, for me, is the controllers. They could literally break even on the whole thing, and make profits on $40 controllers, its' a great model, because I don't think there's much money to be made in selling content (which iTunes has done for ages, and seems to make almost no profit).

    • Larry Fulkner

      What!!!!! No Profit. What!!!

  • albinosalad

    It supports 7 controllers. Sold.

  • RichRuns

    Does it have emulators?