Telltale is a really busy studio nowadays. They’re working on Game of Thrones, Tales from Borderlands and they are still pushing out episodes for The Walking dead [Free] and The Wolf Among Us [Free]. That last one is inspired by the comic “Fable” and features the Big Bad Wolf as the main character. We’ve been reviewing episodes of that series as they came out and we couldn’t wait for the story to continue. Well today Telltale has released a trailer for Episode 3 titled “A Crooked Mile” and while it still doesn’t have a date set in stone yet you shouldn’t have to wait much longer.

You can share your excitement with our community here but please, don’t blow our house down.

  • Matt Curtis

    It's so difficult resisting playing these. I'm trying to wait until they're all out so as to avoid a disjointed experience but gah...

    • Killercow

      I feel like waiting is part of the experience. It makes you eager to know more but it also means that you have plenty of time to think about it.

      • Guest

        Perhaps, but nuance, important, subtle parts of the story can be lost...

      • mallhonitor

        That's why I run through the whole game again once the last episode has been released. But instead of my usual decision making process, I go total Jack Bauer mode.