FTL is a hell of a game, and hearing that it was coming to the iPad is easily among the best news I've heard surrounding the App Store. It's one of my favorite games for the PC, and while I haven't played it in quite a while, it's been super exciting to pick up the game again on the iPad. It's being released tomorrow for $9.99, but we got the all clear this afternoon to stream the game today.

Here's the video archive, in case you didn't watch it live:

I go through the tutorial, which features all the iPad controls and provides a great intro to how the game works. If nothing else, if you're similarly excited for the game to launch tomorrow night, watching this video will give you everything you need to know to dive right in.

  • falco


    • falco


      • http://futbolox.tumblr.com/ Fnurgh

        What's so funny?

        Were you laughing at me?? Motherf###er.

      • falco


  • chamillion205

    I will be buying THAT!!!

  • Bool Zero

    The 86% of iOS gamers can shove their freemium titles up their tails! I'll be buying this lovely $9.99 premium game and enjoy it up hampered by in app currencies, timers, consumables and pay walls!

    • Jjaro

      Hell yeah!! I have been playing the PC title since release, and I'm so excited for the iPad version! Plus so awesome we get all the "Advanced Edition" features too!

      • jontas

        What are the differences in advanced edition (sorry I know I should google it but I'm on my phone atm).. I bought ftl when it first came out on steam and don't think I ever upgraded/updated. Im def buying either way I'm just curious how different advanced edition is.

      • Bool Zero

        If you bought it on Steam long ago then you will have the update as well since it is free for previous buyers... It adds more ships, more gameplay elements and strategies to employ, etc, etc. head over to the upcoming thread for the details!

      • jontas


    • anabolicMike

      I'll buy it if they release it for android. I don't have an iPad πŸ™

      • VirtualBoyFreak

        Buy an iPad, it's worth it πŸ˜‰

  • JCho133

    "Complain complain make it for iPhone snarky comment."

    • ImJPaul

      I know you usually get a lot of heat for that but I'm with you brother. I don't have my iPad anymore and would LOVE to play this on the go. But KOTOR, Bastion, Autumn Dynasty....all these games were iPad only and eventually got universal support. Here's hoping they do it. Until then, I think I can take a break from playing Titanfall to fire this bad boy up. Such an excellent game.

      • JCho133

        Haha, I was just kidding

  • Louis Ace

    Will this be coming to Android?

    • Amenbrother


    • Bool Zero

      They mentioned it in their interview but no clue when, sorry...

  • Crimzzen

    I need this in my life.

  • lll Anubis lll

    Anyone have an estimate of how much space it will take to install this? Thanks in advance!

    • Cheesenium

      According to Steam, the original FTL takes about 175MB on PC. I am assuming that the Advanced Edition to be 250MB at most.

      • lll Anubis lll

        Oh wow, I figured it would be a lot more. Thanks!

  • curtisrshideler

    I'd love to buy it for my iPad 2, but I'd rather play it smoothly on my iPhone 5S. Might be waiting for that to happen if ever. Way to own that tutorial, though!

  • Opinion

    I assumed it'd work better on mobile devices

  • Amenbrother

    I dont know this looks slow and methodical.... No?

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      That's the point?

      • Amenbrother

        I guess not the kind of game for me then πŸ™

    • jontas

      It can get kinda hectic once the battles get harder. You end up chasing multiple enemies that teleport onto your ship while rooms all over are catching on fire. It is definitely not a twitch/action packed game but it isn't turn based either--it is real time though you do pause a lot. Even if it isn't the kind of game you usually like you should still give it a try, it is a hell of a lot of fun.

  • Pbarillas

    Looks like "Out There" bit with more action . Probably gonna be an instabuy game. Excited!!

    • CzechCongo

      Probably the first person to say this instead of "out there is kinda like FTL".

    • Christian Valentin

      It's the other way around. Out There is like FTL without combat

      • VirtualBoyFreak

        They are different games with some things in common. For a debate on this go to the "Out There" TA forums thread. You'll enjoy your read (if you have time to read what we posted there :p)

  • Rawk GWJ

    I'm really hoping that this isn't a last minute April fools prank. I've been waiting for FTL on my iPad for about a fortnight. I have it on my Mac already, but the iPad is always at arms-length. Give me convenience...

  • Naraka

    Go Bears !

  • http://rawrsoft.com Michael G. Calvert

    How are you recording your iPad for this video? Love to know for my game demo.