Even though GDC is in full force this week, the App Store release cycle doesn't show any signs of letting up. While there's fewer games on our radar this morning for a US release at 11:00 PM Eastern tonight, there's still some great looking ones. We're super excited for Star Horizon.

screen1024x1024 (1)

Here's the rest of the games on our radar right now, which will undoubtedly grow as the day goes on:

  • speedyph

    Hmmm I wonder where collectibles at crytek said it WUZ comin out dis week

    • iValerio1990

      its a freemium game.

      • VA1N

        So, what's your point? You keep posting the same thing throughout this comment section.

      • toofinedog

        Not all freemium games are bad. It's the implementation and execution of such games which can present a problem.

      • iValerio1990

        freemium = no skill

      • tommet

        We need a dislike button. Freemium is not a good trend for serious gaming.

  • Amenbrother

    Star Horizon and what else this week guys?

    • JoeriD

      Nope, that's about it.. I'm counting on Star Horizon to deliver!

  • falco

    Another weak week!

  • entik14

    So what about battleheart 2?(

    • Tino11

      Developpers aim to release battleheart legacy end of April

  • jl802

    Where's Modern Combat 5? If it's taking this long, can't imagine what junk we would have got last Fall. N.O.V.A. 4 would satisfy!

    • Mess

      It's gameloft, don't expect it until we see it. Same thing happened with A8 πŸ™‚

  • Gabriel.est

    And where is Boom Beach ?

    • Bloodangel

      Yeah I been waiting for this too

  • M M

    What about The Collectibles?

    • iValerio1990

      its a freemium game

      • M M


      • Stormourner

        yep! so what?

      • iValerio1990

        freemium = no skill πŸ˜‰

      • ImJPaul

        You are echoing the sentiments heard on this site like a proper troll. Freemium isn't always a bad thing. Reserve judgement until you actually have the game in your hands and if it's still lousy to you then you can repeat yourself. As it stands it's just annoying to keep hearing that freemium as a whole doesn't work because that's not always the case, buck.

      • iValerio1990

        how old are you ?

      • Holcman

        How old are YOU? Never matter what age you say you are, you will still sound like an immature brat.

      • iValerio1990

        I play videogames when you was inside your mom...i know what is a Good Game

      • hanklupo

        Thanks for the laughs, bud. Broken English attempt at an insult to assert his opinion as superior because he has been playing longer. What a joyless life he must lead if he has to try and convince others not to like freemium games!

      • lavenders2

        Freemium games are designed to milk cash out of you. Seriously, any game where you can pay for credits is disghusting (lets not even talk about those you have to pay for on top of that) regardless of how "fair" it is. If it was truly fair, then the game would not have those transactions in the first place (why would you need them?)
        If you claim the freemium is there because it lets you "cheat" then that is a load of bs too, because I can load up my copy of Age of Empires, Sims 3 or any good pc game and cheat for free. There is no reason to force you to pay for that, it is intentionally restricting features from you behind a paywall.
        All IAP is bad, the ONLY exception is a full game unlock (that includes removing adds, but only if the game was free in the first place). Devs want you to pay for IAP, that is why it is there, I cant think of any other reason why it would be there. Dont trick yourself into thinking IAP is there and the devs wont try to trick you into buying it. That is called being delusional.

      • iValerio1990

        True words. This is my creed ( and i dont care about my bad english if you understand me my job is done)

      • JoeriD

        Point to the matter is that you always have a choice, to play, to buy, to pay, to cheat, whatever. When was the last time you were "tricked" into doing an IAP? Saying it's disgusting for publishers/devs to find new ways into making their product profitable is just kinda retarded. Just go play a free gameboy rom or something. Wich cost me 50 bucks (when you were still in your mom).

      • lavenders2

        Yeah, you do have the choice to buy, play and cheat in your game, but it is the way in which you are given those choices that matters. Often to cheat in the game you need to pay, where as in other games on PC like the ones I mentioned you dont have to pay. Having to pay to play the game then being given the option to pay again is a little bit too far.
        I completely understand the idea of finding new business models, and I am open to experiment with the idea of IAP. For example, the Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD gives you two cases for free then lets you unlock what you want for a one time purchase. This is a fantastic business model for story telling games (telltale agrees).
        What pisses me off is when devs use the SAME STUPID IAP FOR CURRENCY model that has been proven to fail time and time again. It has been a few years now, this model clearly doesnt work in a hardcore gaming environment, but devs are doing it anyway cause they know it works. The top grossing charts are infected with the IAP plague, with very little in the way of fair content.

        Also, what is with your comment at the end? It is insulting, and if you really want to start that fight I am more than willing to find my GBA (still have it) and stick my awesome green Pokemon Emerald cartridge in it and take a picture of it and shove those pixels onto your monitor. Btw, gba games are awesome and if iPhone games were more like them I think we would have less to complain about, dont you agree?

  • phebhex

    where is Dj max technika Q? ;(

  • TrencH

    About four of these I got my eye on and the others I might take another look at later.

  • TimTim92

    Doodoo week for releases.

  • Draven2222

    Collectibles is out on NZ store, NO Mfi Controller support though, but they promised.!!

  • thesinmaster

    And this week will be known as weak week ( a.k.a WIK WIK )

    Hell! Now will wait for another week

  • Bool Zero

    Star Horizons the only thing that looks worth purchasing... Unfortunately it's just not my kind of game, or rather I have enough of these so it's a pass for me! I guess I'll see what arrives next week...

  • CooleTeeps

    Only triblaster and star horizon look interesting this week.

  • Bloodangel

    They said tons more.... 6 more games isn't what I'd call tons more

  • VirtualBoyFreak

    And the best release of the week is... ASPHALT 8 UPDATE! New tracks, new cars... Yay, this is the best release of the week! πŸ˜€

  • rich_952000

    Roll Back Home by Dawn of Play will be released tonight, I've had a prerelease version for a couple of weeks now and I can easily say it's a damn fun, and unique game

  • bigjack66

    Star horizon looks nice everything else looks like stuff made for the Early Learning center ie for kids.

  • Echoen

    Just finished Star Horizon. Beautiful 60fps on my iPhone 5 with MiFi support (PS3 controller if you're jailbroken)! On-rails like Arc Squadron or good old Star Fox. Each stage takes roughly 10 minutes to finish so you're looking at about an hour and a half to two hours' worth of solid gameplay (don't skip cutscenes or it'll be shorter). It's a great experience for an iOS game, albeit a short one.

  • bigjack66

    Wow that's short! Still looks nice. Just played the first mission and it's fun. They're repeatable if you don't do great so a little grinding may make it last longer.

  • Illuminerdy

    Forcing me to be John is enough to make me rule out Star Horizon. It makes no sense to force any kind of identity when all I see is the ship. Why can't I be me?