If you remember earlier this month I posted a trailer for a new game called Star Horizon, a visually-stunning on-rails space shooter from Tabasco Interactive. If you missed that trailer, go check it out now. Seriously, I'll wait. All done? Ok good, because Star Horizon is set to launch later this week, and today the developers have released another new trailer, this time a hands-on video of how the game is actually played using both the normal touchscreen controls and an iOS 7 controller. Check it out.

Star Horizon continues to look impressive, and I really can't wait to get my own hands on it and take it for a test flight. It's scheduled for a March 20th release, which means it should pop up on Wednesday night here in the US App Store alongside all the other new releases, and it'll cost you $3.99 with no in-app purchases.

  • Donny K76

    Looks freaking awesome!! Will be my first purchase Wednesday night!!!

  • MistaBoz


  • bigjack66

    Still looking good hope there's more to it than asteroids though!

  • ODMay

    Name of controller at 2:13 mark?

    • JCho133

      MOGA Power shell

      • ODMay


      • repapermunky

        MOGA Ace ;P Logitech has the Powershell <3

  • falco

    You have tiny hands to use that jk

    • jontas

      Maybe it's an iPad and they are actually giant hands 🙂

  • AlexMilo

    Still just a 'rail-shooter' like any other games like this.. Gief a port of X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter or Rogue Squadron and we'll talk.

  • bilboad

    Looks awesome. I'm in for sure.

  • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

    That controller is a loud clicky mess. I'll take touch controls any day over that nonsense.

    • SG1bsoN

      Second that! I couldn't watch to the end because of the controller.. Game looks sweet though 🙂

    • CzechCongo

      I guess the question is, then, do controllers like this have a headphone port as well?

    • Krzysztof Oloś

      Guys, it wasn't controller's fault speaking of loud clicks. This little smart piece of hardware is far more silent in real. To be honest, it was my fault setting audio recorder just too close to the recorded unit, because of noisy background, furthermore ipod's volume wasn't set to max... Please take my apologies :).

      • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

        Dear Good Sir, There is no reason to apologize. Unless you were the one making clicking noises which would actually be humorous. The controller used in the video has received criticism for its unpolished production and poor value. So again, no need for an apology, I appreciate the recorded perspective nonetheless.

        The game itself looks like a fun on-rails shooter.

  • http://tarasis.net/ Robert McGovern

    Looks phenomenal and the music was great. Can't wait to play it.

    That Moga controller clicked far too loudly for my tastes.

  • Grimstone82

    Arc Squadron 2?

  • curtneedsaride

    Hope they have some quick turns and spins also in the on-rails because it looks like you're just flying at the same speed forward for the most part.

  • Kiltedsheep

    The graphics look amazing - but why is the voice acting so dire? It was crap in the trailer as well. This stuff shouldn't detract from what looks like a great game, but somehow it just sets my teeth on edge.

  • Michael Gatto

    Any multiplayer mode, or plans for?