Kicking things off at GDC this year is Rusty Moyher's Astro Duel. It's an iPad-only multiplayer game where up to four people can fly around on a single iPad and battle it out to the death. It's a hard game to demo because a lot of the magic comes from using iOS devices as controllers which is sort of lost in the video:

Astro Duel is coming soon, as as someone who always seems to have a wonderful time with single device multiplayer games, I'm super stoked to have it on the App Store.

  • steviebwoy

    yeehaw! looks good fun to me 🙂

  • JCho133

    Haha we got a preview of your next video from Jared in the background

  • CzechCongo

    Nice video. Looks fun!

  • Echoen

    Must be really fun with 4 players!

  • JJE McManus

    Really impressed. It hardens back to Atari Tanks. If this is any indication GDC week is going to be lots of fun.
    Such elegant simplicity. I want it.

  • hakamhakam

    Wow look really awesome, I honestly can see this being one of those indie console game on psn or xbla, I was so surprise to see so many mechanics in the game, haven't seen game with this kind o depth in a 4-player games before. Just think about it there is 4-player, shooting, turning, strafing, power-up that all do different things, camera that follow players, background that affect the gameplay. Just wow, this guy thought of everything.