Remember a while back when we posted about Twitch streaming coming directly to iOS devices in any game that adds the new mobile Twitch SDK? Well, Gameloft's Asphalt 8 [Free] is going to be one of the first games to support it. I'm super interested to see how this turns out, as it eliminates all the barriers to streaming specific iOS games, as all you need is a decent WiFi network, but it remains to be seen if the typical mobile play session will be conducive to the kind of stream that seems to do well on Twitch.

For instance, channels that seem to do really well are League of Legends streamers who stream for hours versus your typical mobile game play session which might only last for minutes. I'm not sure how the Twitch community will take to it, but Gameloft seems to be willing to prove that it's possible to stream Asphalt forever with a 24 hour streaming marathon which started a few minutes ago:

The Asphalt 8 update should hit inside of the next couple weeks, at which point you can stream it to for similar 24 hour sessions.

  • jammyman

    Omg racing cars for 24 hours. That's perseverance.

  • chief78

    They should've just done a LeMans themed event if they were going to stream for 24 hrs....seems like a missed opportunity

  • Kane

    I'm not going DL over a GB just for this service. Apple need to sort out how we update games in general.

    • alexschipper

      I believe iOS has offered delta app updates for a while now, so no problem there I guesd

      • Kane

        Well, every time I update big apps with iTunes... The whole .IPA file is downloaded. So were are the patch updates?

  • Based Xatu

    Who games for 24 hours straight?

    • Kane

      The guy who sadly passed away playing in an Internet cafe for over 24 hours.